Know About 1920 London Full Movie Download

1920 London Full Movie Download – 1920 London does Tinu Suresh Desai direct an Indian horror film? This is the third part of the 1920 (film series) after 1920: The Return of Evil. Starring Sharman Joshi, Mira Chopra and Vishal Karwal. The film managed to recoup its cost and was a moderate success, but failed to repeat its previous instalments. However, it followed by another instalment called “1921”.

Details Of The 1920 London Full Movie Download

Know About 1920 London Full Movie Download

Directed by:   Tinu Suresh Desai

Written by:        Girish Dhamija

Screenplay by: Sukhmani Sadana

Story by:            Vikram Bhatt

Produced by:    Vikram Bhatt

Starring:             Sharman Joshi, Meera Chopra, Vishal Karwal

Cinematography:    Prakash Kutty

Edited by:           Kuldeep Mehan

Release date:     6 May 2016

Running time:   117 minutes

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More About the 1920 London Full Movie Download

Know About 1920 London Full Movie Download

The film begins with the life of Shivangi, a princess of the royal house in Sikar, Rajasthan, who now lives in London with her husband, Kunwar Veer Singh. They were a happy couple until one day, Veer fell ill with a minor illness, which soon developed into a disease that caused his body to wilt and his head to shrink. Veer hospitalized, and his symptoms worsen: his body begins to contort unnaturally, and he begins to growl in unfamiliar languages. Doctors seem to diagnose it as tetanus, which is incurable. Shivangi is scared; Veer is no longer the same, and Shivangi’s maid Kesar Ma believes this is black magic.


Kesar Ma thinks this is because Vir’s father, the king, had two wives, and the second wife wanted to get Vir, the heir, out of the way. The film shifts to Rajasthan, where Shivangi and his family visit an exorcist to cure Veer. The exorcist attempts to confront the witch by entering another realm through a mirror but is soon banished as he is too powerless to resist the witch. The exorcist sends the king to the most potent spiritual teacher on earth, Mewar Baba, whose real name is Jai Singh Gujjar.

A few years ago, I was deeply in love with Jai. Her uncle saw them together and strained to blackmail her into sleeping with him. Jai got in the way and got into a fight with his uncle, who promptly informed the king. Jai charged with attempted murder. Shivangi inexplicably came forward as a witness against Jai, and eventually, Jai sent to jail for five years. Although, Shivangi cringes when he hears about Jaya. Shivangi contacts Jai to help her save her husband. Jai flatly refuses, but Shivangi begs him for help and eventually agrees to go to London.

More Over

Jai investigates the case and discovers that Veer’s troubles began when he received a strange amulet as a gift from an unknown fan in Rajasthan. The charm handed over the warlock demon to Vir. Jai prepares Shivangi to cast a spirit spell to bind the witch to her mansion so that Jai can throw the medallion into the Thames, thus freeing Veer. Shivangi sings about the witch’s attempt to thwart him, and Jai finishes the task. However, the amulet and witch revealed to have been sent by Jai himself, and as he prepares to leave London, Shivangi confronts him, asking how he knew of the source of the amulet. Jai admits his revenge and says he wanted Veer dead. Shivangi reveals why he betrayed him years ago: when their affair came to light, the king ordered Jai’s death. Shivangi requested his life, and it granted at the price of his betrayal. Now guilty and distraught, Jai decides to stay in London and free Veer from the witch.


Jai prepares for the final attack on the witch. Jai summons his spiritual Master through a letter. The Master chides Jai for his haste and then regretfully says that the witch won’t leave without taking her soul. The teacher directs Jai to an abandoned church, where he receives a set of enchanted Celtic daggers. Jai prepares a spell to attack the witch. Enter the realm of witches through the mirror and take the amulet. The witch attacks furiously and is about to stop Shivangi when Jai breaks the mirror, closes the portal, and traps herself in the realm so Shivangi can burn the amulet and free her husband. Shivangi watches Jai smile peacefully from the last shard of the mirror before it shatters as Veer revives. Two weeks later, Veer and Shivangi find a correspondence between Jai and his teacher. Jai gave her soul so Veer could be free. Veer moves off and puts a picture of Jai on the mantelpiece as the movie ends.

Box Office Collection Of 1920 London Full Movie

First Week:                       12,48,00,000

Budget:                              21,00,00,000

India Gross:                      21,41,00,000

Overseas Gross:              $190,000

Worldwide Gross:           22,67,82,500

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1920 London: Haunted Places in Rajasthan and London That Will Give You Goosebumps!

London 1920, starring Sharman Joshi and Mira Chopra, hits screens this Friday. The film is set in London and Rajasthan and promises to be a gripping horror movie. While the movie’s story is fictional, the locations it filmed most certainly contain some real-life haunted stories. Both Rajasthan and London have places that believed to haunted, and visiting them can only bring chills. We don’t know how spooky 1920s London will be, but we’ll take a look at some places in these two destinations that will give you sleepless nights.

·        Bhangarh Fort

·        Tower of London


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