5 Factors To Consider While Creating An App Like Gojek

Almost every business sector has been automated to a considerable extent. It suggests that users like to access every service online. And when all come to one place, it makes a super app like Gojek, WeChat, Rappi, etc. The concept is widely accepted nowadays. Here is a blog helping out with amazing factors to consider while creating an app like Gojek for entrepreneurs who are in a race to enter into the multi-service business industry.

No matter which category of enterprise they are running, it is a must that you should shift your venture online, as there are many reasons to invest to survive in a world where technology rules. However, people also prefer to fulfill their needs by utilizing the various solutions launched on their devices.

Among them, super apps are commonly installed on smartphones of most users as they can satisfy their every purpose from a single spot. When discussing these platforms, the name ‘Gojek’ always pops up in people’s minds as it is one of the oldest runners in a race of multi-service solutions. Also, many entrepreneurs are planning to get Gojek-similar apps for their ventures.

Due to Which Reasons Gojek Came In a Spotlight?

The organization was founded in 2010 and is currently providing multiple benefits to users. Formerly, Gojek only served courier delivery and ride-hailing services, but after some progress, the company added various services in their application and is currently operating in almost the entire Southeast Asia with 38 million MAUs, according to a report of 2020.

Furthermore, there are some reasons which brought Gojek to the headlines; consider them mentioned below:

Very Few Similarities

Previously, multi-services platforms were available in only a fewer regions worldwide as users from all over were not much aware of them. They were only available in Asian countries, due to which Gojek was required to face less competition for earning fame amongst the customers as they had no options left for installing super apps to meet their needs and to rise in the market rapidly.

Convenience to People

Using a multi-service platform launched by Gojek in the market, the users received numerous benefits under one roof, which became a sweet spot for them. Hence, they bolstered its usage and started preferring iteratively for fulfilling their purposes. Alongside, their hassles of logging into different applications are reduced to a great level.

Less Device Storage

Individual service platforms tend to occupy a larger space because users need to download various solutions on their devices to gain particular benefits. But, Gojek eliminates the need to store individual service apps on mobiles as it offers numerous services under one roof to customers. Therefore, it proved more advantageous for consumers to store an Indonesian multi-service application, which boosted its use as a result.

Hence, the above reasons helped Gojek to become the first Indonesian Unicorn in 2016 and in achieving immense popularity around Southeast Asia. Moreover, it inspires many startup owners to make Gojek a similar platform for their ventures, but before that, they should refer to specific aspects for building multi-service solutions.

5 Factors to Consider for Creating an App Like Gojek:

Before initiating any business, it is mandatory to cover some points required for smooth execution without any issues. In the same way, to create an app similar to Gojek, there are elements to be taken into consideration listed below that would assist in getting a solution that meets enterprise demands.

Market Research

Analyzing a market to make a Gojek-like app is the most crucial factor which would assist you in gaining information about your rivals, user preferences, issues occurring in existing applications, etc. Thus, performing market research would assist you as an entrepreneur in getting a super app similar to Gojek and will also help to satisfy customers’ requirements more easily and quickly.


Implementing attributes in a multi-service application would probably determine the success story of an enterprise. Because people demand solutions with unique specifications helpful in fulfilling their purposes accurately, and if you implement such features in your solution, then there are great scopes for your venture to receive a tremendous rise.


The customers would only use your platform repeatedly if it has an easy-to-understand and appealing UI. Moreover, it helps users understand the functionality of a particular feature and the flow of your application. Hence, it suggests that the design of an application is also a crucial factor in receiving consumer demands.

Technologies to be used

Now, it depends on you, as developing a multi-service platform like Gojek can be done using various technologies. Based on the features to be implemented, your budget and many other parameters help you to decide an appropriate tech stack that satisfies all the criteria set by you. Besides that, technology is an essential factor in building a multi-service solution, as all other aspects can be applied only if the application is developed.


Everything related to development is linked with a budget you decide because the quality of a solution is based on the money you invest in making an app. You can determine your budget by surveying various packages of technology partners for different platforms. In short, it says that you must be ready with sufficient capital to create a Gojek-similar solution.

Is it Worth Investing in Developing an App Like Gojek?

Making an application like Gojek worth investing in or not can be determined by knowing the advantages that businesses receive. So let’s know some perks that enterprises get by building this solution.

Easy Management

Entrepreneurs can easily handle their ventures by enabling them with multi-service platforms. It includes managing workers’ data, analyzing sales and earnings, keeping track of each employee’s activity, and many other tasks that can be accomplished online, which helps them in cutting off daily hassles considerably.

Higher Revenue

The business admins can generate significant revenue using Gojek’s similar platform, as they are provided with diversified channels of income. Startup owners can earn more money as they charge commission on each order from merchants, for advertising products, from customers for providing doorstep deliveries of services to them, and a minimal amount from partners as they receive many benefits.

Improved Consumer Service

Due to streamlined venture operability, admins are not needed to spare much time for accomplishing various tasks; hence, they can spend some time enhancing their customer service segment. In addition, because a large number of users are willing to earn an extra income during their free hours, they register themselves as partners for offering particular service categories. Thus, it reduces the waiting time for assigning orders because many providers are available to admins, which also decreases the waiting period for users.

It’s clear from the benefits mentioned above that it is worth for entrepreneurs to invest in a Gojek-like app. Also, people nowadays prefer using these solutions to fulfilling their every requirement.

Parting Words:

Thus, in a fast-moving world, to cope with the latest trend of multi-service apps, you can get a Gojek similar solution by considering certain factors while creating a mobility solution for your brand, as it has secured a reputed position in the business market.  So, you as a startup owner, can take advantage of preferences for super apps among users by launching applications like Gojek in the market.