7 Workplace competition ideas to motivate your employees

Do you ever feel like your employees could use a little more motivation? There are a lot of different ways to increase productivity, but a workplace competition can be a fun way to do it. Competitions are a great way to spice up the work environment and get people motivated again. It can create new energy and a sense of purpose and excitement in the workplace. Here are a few workplace competition ideas to get you started.

See who can hand out the most promotional items at a trade show or event

If you’re looking for a way to promote your business at a trade show or event, consider holding a competition to see who can hand out the most promotional items. This is a great way to get people talking about your brand, and it can also help to generate leads. Plus, it’s always fun to see who can be the most effective at promoting your business. You can give your employees materials like brochures and IGO Promo lighters with your company’s logo to hand out, and whoever gives out the most wins a prize. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and get people excited about your business.

Have a contest to see who can sell the most products or services in a month

A little healthy competition can be a great motivator in business. If you’re looking for a way to boost sales and get your team fired up, why not have a sales contest? See who can sell the most products or services in a month, and offer prizes employees would love to receive. This is a great way to get people excited about selling, and it can also help you to identify your top performers. Plus, it’s always fun to see who comes out on top.

See who can come up with the most creative new marketing ideas

Marketing is an essential part of any business, and competitions can be a great way to spur creativity and come up with new ideas. If you’re looking to inject some new life into your marketing efforts, why not hold a competition among your employees? See who can come up with the most creative new ideas for marketing your products or services. Not only will this help to generate some fresh ideas, but it will also help to motivate your team and get them thinking outside the box. You might just discover your next big marketing breakthrough.

Get a reviews contest going to see who can get the most positive online reviews

In today’s digital world, online reviews are more important than ever. They can make or break a business, so it’s essential to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews. One way to do this is by holding a contest. See who can get the most positive reviews on online platforms like Trustpilot, and offer a prize to the person with the most. This is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and get people positively talking about your business.

Give out bonuses for top performance or attendance

Sometimes, the best way to motivate your employees is with a little end-of-year incentive. If you want to increase productivity or attendance levels, why not offer bonuses for top performers? This is a great way to show your employees that you’re invested in their success, and it can also help to boost morale and motivation. Plus, it’s always nice to get a little extra cash around Christmas time. So, if you’re looking for a way to motivate your team, consider giving out bonuses.

Hold a company-wide scavenger hunt

A team-building scavenger hunt is a fun way to get people working together and having fun. It’s also a great way to promote team-building and collaboration. This is a great way to get people out of their comfort zones and working together to solve problems. Plus, it’s a lot of fun. So, if your goal is to increase motivation and teamwork, a scavenger hunt might be just what you need.

Host an innovation contest where teams come up with new ideas for the company

Innovation is key to success in many industries. By hosting an innovation contest, you’re encouraging your employees to think outside the box and come up with new ideas that could benefit the company as a whole. This is a great way to encourage creativity, and allow employees to showcase their talents. Plus, getting new and fresh ideas from your employees at all levels can help you to stay ahead of the competition by generating new and innovative solutions that you may not have thought of.

Overall, competitions can be a great way to motivate your employees. Not only that, but they can also boost productivity, creativity, teamwork, innovation and more. So, a competition could be just what you need to get things moving. Just make sure to offer prizes and incentives to make it worth your employees’ while. With a little effort, you’re sure to see some great results.



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