Why Animated Video Is a Great Way to Get Your Marketing Punching Above Its Weight

Even on a small budget, all firms can produce engaging video content. With animated video, rich content can be tailored to generate leads, raise awareness, and demonstrate products. Best of all, it can be done in a fraction of the time of 3D video to enable you to start reaping the rewards much sooner. 2D video has been a true game-changer that enables smaller companies to join big rivals in video marketing.

Animated video is a great place to start getting your marketing efforts to punch above their weight! Joining the video marketing revolution is not just a bonus – it is almost essential in the digital era. A quick search of your competitors is likely to show that they are already on the bandwagon – and it is vital your firm joins them.

All industries have a finite group of good-fit target buyers. And everyone knows the stats about how much easier it is to retain an existing customer than it is to win a new one. With these things in mind, letting your competitors get too many new customers from well-produced video content is a dangerous game to play.

Getting started with animated video

The first decision to make is what kind of video content to produce. Are you going to focus on short content for social networks that is designed to generate new leads? Will you focus instead on product demonstrations to showcase your different use cases? Or will you produce validation-stage content to convince interested prospects to make the final step and buy from you?

Ideally you need all three types of videos but be realistic and produce a content production roadmap that aligns with your priorities. Positioning the right type of content at different stages of a buyer’s journey will help guide them through the selection process from finding your firm to confirming your credentials to help them.

Animated video can be used to achieve all these objectives. It can also be achieved without the cost, time or complication involved in producing 3D video. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that poorly produced animated video will not be a good look for your firm. With this in mind, the next step is to invest some time into bringing a video production partner on board with a longer-term plan in mind.

Recruiting an animated video agency

You have made the bold decision to go ahead and generate some animated video content for your products – congratulations! This is a big step, and video content will now become a vital branch of your overall marketing strategy.

To ensure your brand is positioned as it needs to be, the next step is to spend some time finding a good partner that provides animation video production services. You can easily make a shortlist with a simple Google search. But once you have done this, the real work starts.

Approach 5-6 agencies that stand out to you and make them aware of your interest in finding out more about what they can offer. Make them aware you are also looking at some other options in parallel – this should help keep them on their toes and hungry for the business. It will also tell them you are serious about moving ahead with video production.

When you meet with your shortlisted agencies, communicate your plans with them. Ask for their advice on how they think your brand should be positioned and test their credentials on topics such as what call to action they suggest using.

Also ask them for some evidence of results their other work has produced. Doing so will ensure you are talking with a video company that is focused on delivering commercial results, and not just the prettiest end products. This may sound obvious, but you are looking to video to drive results, not to win Oscars.

Ask the agencies to see a highlight reel of their previous work. See if they use a different style for each client, or whether their approach is quite rigid. You should also talk to them about what has worked well, and some things they feel they could improve from previous projects. Look for an openness and candid dialogue to see how responsive they are to feedback.

It is also important to establish commercial terms from an early stage. Ask how their contracts work in terms of amendments and post-production work. You should expect at least a few amendments as part of the package.

Above all – enjoy! You have made a wise choice to invest in animated video.

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