Ten keys to Getting the Most Out of Canva


When we create a website, we often lack the necessary creation to make it our own or create certain logos and images based on simple templates for universal use.Although, There is an easy and simple way to achieve.

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 What is Canva?

It is an image composition and graphic design tool, easy to use and accessible from any device. The allows “non-designers” to create highly creative visual content that attracts potential customers and builds loyalty from existing ones.

It,  Canva is the solution to all design problems.

Why use Canva?

It makes images and various formats available to everyone to create their designs.

That is free and has a paid version that allows unlimited use of images with more extensive options.

It does not require knowledge of design for its use.

Custom dimensions of all your designs.

The colours used are automatically saved for future use as corporate document colours.

In the items Premium listed, a watermark indicating to download the image must be paid.

 How to use Canva?

1. Types of images that can be Created

Each of the existing social networks needs a design with specific dimensions. For this, there are a series of predefined templates with the most common sizes.

Personal recommendations

Social media posts

Documents: Presentations of work, letter or curriculum

Ebooks and blogs: Book covers, infographics and blog headers.

Marketing capitals: Business cards, menus or logos.

The header for email and social networks

Events: Business cards, invitations or collages.

Events: Business cards, invitations or collages.

2. Search Tab

It allows you to find any necessary visual element within each of the available tabs.

3.  Mockups Tab

They are those designs created that can inspire you and models optimized for that size. The free ones can be edited however you like.

4. Design Elements Tab

They can be chosen from several pre-designed options and optimized models.

5. Text Tab

There are three set sizes, which can stay increased or decreased and various editable fonts and styles.

6. Background Tab

Many free textures allow you to customize the colour. We can choose base colours that will be the “Document colours”.

7. Upload Files Tab

Upload photos from a file, external source, Facebook or Google Drive, combining Canva’s resources with your own.

8.  Download, Print, and Share the Designed Image

Download:  in JPG,  PNG,  PDF and  PDF format for printing. It is recommended to download them in PNG and transparent structure to avoid corners of another colour giving a more professional appearance.

Also, Invite other users to view or edit the design by entering their email.

Share the design on Facebook or Twitter profile (not company pages).

Share the link on your website by adding the “Make public” Tab make it editable.

Insert the design in your blog with the code provided by Canva.

9. Banks of Free Images, Fonts and Vectors

Also, The images available are those whose author has given written permission or have a Creative Commons License.

This type of license, also known as CC0, is in the public domain.Although, It can be used personally or commercially,  copied, modified or distributed without asking permission.

10.  Other Tricks

Use custom dimensions

Move layers in front or behind: Get elements to remain placed on the top layer to make them visible.


Insert link in the image:  Insert a custom URL so that clicking on the picture takes us to the linked page.

Align images  and text

Text effects:Although, It is possible to change the text to Uppercase, and the Spacing option allows you to graduate the distance between the letters.

Filters:  In addition to cropping, rotating or leaving space in the margin, this option allows you to modify brightness and contrast and other effects such as colour, focus or warmth.

Design customization:  And name each job to retrieve and edit.

Help option: For any question or function that is more complex.

Help option: For any question or function that is more complex.

Explore Models option: This allows you to see other people’s popular creations that will enable you to be inspired by your creations.

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