Types of Written Content that Generate Engagement

Content that Generate Engagement

We all already know the importance of content marketing to achieve. A good relationship between our business and its online community. It is one of the most effective inward bound strategies to build loyalty in the medium and long term.

If you have not yet achieved results with your strategy, it is possible that you are not dedicating all the necessary time to the texts or that you are not taking full advantage of your top content.

Think that you can give each of your brand messages a lot of life by applying good copywriting practices and, besides, you will be able to play with different formats depending on how you disseminate them on digital channels such as:

  • Your blog or website.
  • A recruitment landing page.
  • The blog of a third party.
  • Social networks.
  • A mailing or newsletter.
  • Different forums or newscasts .

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Types of Textual Content to Attract with your Posts

Now that we have located ourselves, I want to announce that in this post, I will give you up to 12 different types of content or texts that you can share through the two online communication channels par excellence; social networks and the website.

What kind of Texts can you Spread on Social Networks?

Let’s start by looking at some instances of textual content that you can spread on your social profiles or those of your business, taking into account that each platform supports different types.

Next, I leave you with four types of texts that you can accompany with original headlines, messages full of persuasive words, and other audiovisual content formats, thus capture the attention of your social community.

1  Excerpt

Using a small excerpt in your publications’ text message will be a very useful option if you follow a social media strategy to share corporate or brand content.

The content of this type of posts and being focused on the public present in the social network in question.

Convey in a summarized way the main information of the publication.

Present the post in an attractive way to attract public interest.

Leave open a question that triggers a call to action.

2 Mention

Some social networks do not tolerate you including many contents in each publication, which has recently extended the character limitations and leaves us with a very limited space to write.

On Instagram or Pinterest, although we do not have this limitation, the image is the main protagonist, so the text remains in the background with the mere function of describing what we show.

3 Storytelling

Many analyzes of users’ behaviour in social networks have shown. That they are attracted to both audiovisual content and stories, that add value and new points of view.

We use this type of written content effectively in humanizing a brand through a fan page, networking on LinkedIn, and even enhancing personal branding on a particular Instagram account.

There is no kind of rule or secret here. It only seeks to connect with users through everyday situations that lead them to empathize.

 4 Reflection

Since not long ago, Facebook has allowed us through our profile. To share our thoughts through publications with very colourful filters.

Instagram, for its part, allows us to share “stories” that lead to reflection through yes or no questions.

These options for personal profiles allow us to throw questions on the air .That generate some debate and. Therefore, enhance our social interactions. Why not apply it to company pages too?

What Types of Texts to Share on a Website or Blog?

Although social networks increasingly more options to share. Our stories and brand messages with less limitation, nothing like having a blog or a website to get the moisture. Different audiovisual formats come to mind to encourage interaction with your visitors. What if I also expressed you that your web texts can give you a lot of play?t out of all kinds of content.

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