How to Create a Wikipedia Page

Create a Wikipedia Page

The free content encyclopedia that everyone can be in charge of. Thus, with this short and direct motto, Wikipedia is presented, the largest online encyclopedia in history open to the public. It continues to grow every day, exceeding one and a half million articles written in Spanish alone (1,567,003). Wikipedia’s differential advantage is that any user can develop or expand the information in a given theme, depending on the available knowledge or information.

It is of such magnitude that Wikipedia receives thousands of requests to create new articles and modifications to existing ones every day. It means that there is a big job in the shadows to check that all the new content deposited is right, that there are no inaccuracies or errors. Also, it allows users to collaborate on articles without editing them directly, making comments to alert about incorrect data, suggest information, or changes in the appearance of a page.

Another critical aspect in its favor is that Wikipedia pages usually appear in the first search results in Google, which helps if you have a brand or a product that is likely to be consulted on Wikipedia. Hence, today we will talk approximately how to create a page on Wikipedia and what aspects you should consider.

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How to Create a Relevant Wikipedia Page

All the written text and the relevance of the analyzed Topic are checked in detail by Wikipedia’s staff. To prevent your articles from being deleted from the system, they must meet a series of essential characteristics during their preparation.

Jimmy Wales, one of the founders of Wikipedia, and this project is “an effort to create as well distribute a free encyclopedia, of the highest possible quality, to every single person taking place the planet in their language. Near achieve a world in which every person of the planet has free admission to the sum of completely the knowledge of humanity.»

Create an Account

When you browse Wikipedia, it is possible to edit content without registering, but doing so has some advantages. Such as being able to rename articles to make them more precise, create your page or discussion forum, or be able to review the history of the contributions you have made to the Web.

The process is quick. The first thing is to click on the link «Create an account,» which is in the main screen’s upper right part. When you enter, you remain shown a form where you only need to provide your email account and choose a username and password to access.

Check the Topic and its Relevance

You may feel like contributing knowledge or sources of information necessary enough to complete an article. However, the first thing you should do beforehand to get down to business is to make sure that such content has not already stood written in other links. It is known immediately by doing a quick search on the portal; if there are no pages on the same subject, you can start right now by clicking on the “Create” button.

Another significant factor when writing and publishing are that you follow Wikipedia’s predetermine relevance criteria. Which are nothing more than detailed rules for contributors that determine whether a topic covered in an article is relevant. The guiding principles are as follows:

Wikipedia is an Encyclopedia

The topics covered must be universal, notorious, and of quality.

An article of excellent quality, even on an insignificant fact, can have a place in Wikipedia, understanding grade as the set of style, writing, length, and verifiability.

A very relevant topic can keep your article as long as the errors it contains can remain corrected.

If a topic is quite prominent, but there is not much information, it is preferable to merge it with other similar issues or include it in a more global problem.

As Wikipedia evolves and the most relevant topics remain completed, acceptable relevance criteria may be more inclusive.

Although a topic is consider irrelevant, it could be regard as relevant if it stands out within its branch.

The criteria shown above are for private users. If you act as a company, Wikipedia establishes other specific relevance criteria, for example, that only companies that exceed 1,000 permanent workers or have 20 open offices are relevant. However, if you are a startup, their relevance is determine if pioneers are in their business sector.

It is also important, before starting to write, be clear that you have enough sources of information to write and that they are reliable at han. To be able to mention them when preparing the article.

Note: With a bit of luck, before writing your article, the same content already exists in another Wikipedia language. So you would only have to translate and publish it in Spanish.

Write and Publish the Article

A user with an account created can edit or open a page on Wikipedia. Still, since Wikipedia has a default format, there are a series of points to consider that you can review in the article creation wizard. As well important, among others, are the principles of truthfulness and share understanding. Also, consider the structural necessities you will find in the “Structure of an article” tab.

Note: To familiarize yourself with the program and edit texts, go to the test area. Here you can “play” with the technique lacking having to create an account previously.

Once your page remains created, you have to click on “Save article” to publish it. If you prefer, you can click on “Show preview” to view the article’s structure and content before posting it. Every time Wikipedia is publish, it sends an automatic notification, and it will verify that the text is adequate. If you are letting improvement suggestions, you should implement them. As soon as possible if you do not want your contribution to be removed.

A Practical Example

We will put into practice what we have seen before with an example of the term. “Multidomain hosting.” When we enter Wikipedia. Or do a Google search on web hosting. Or web hosting, the Wikipedia link loads us with information about the different types of hosting in the market. Giving each one’s definition and essential characteristics.

Here we detect that the page for “multidomain hosting” does not exist in the Spanish version. A subsequent search indicates that the English version does not exist either. Therefore an opportunity has just stood created to generate content on Wikipedia.

We see the text box in which we must write the content and later publish or see the preview. In the text box, we have advanced options if we want to format the text (numbering, font size, etc). Or include special characters.

We write the text that we think is convenient. And click on “Publish the page.” By magic, your text will already. Remain seen on Wikipedia at the expense of being revise. Meanwhile, from now on, you can edit the page to your liking by adding. More data or images that reinforce your content.


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