Dahan Raakan Ka Rahasya Disney+ Hotstar TV Series 2022 Reviews

Dahan Raakan Ka Rahasya

” Avani Raut (Tisca Chopra), an IAS, is charged with buying her husband Karun’s suicide and forcing him to do it. She is demoted from her position and assigned to work for the remainder of her career in another country. Later, she demanded to address the mining problem in Shilaspura from her boss. Mangon Corporation has discovered the rarest minerals that might revolutionize the whole industry. Avani remained sent there, but a few events have occurred since her arrival. The local chief, Swaroop (Saurabh Shukla), attempted to forewarn them against opening the mines in the interest of humanity.

He explained what would happen to the Shilasthal, where the rock remains housed, if the mine remained open. Avani disregarded their viewpoints and continued to blow the mines wide. The earthquake split apart Shilasthal’s rock that the bomb created. Swaroop was aware of the impending threat.

Soon after, we see a mining accident where two workers remain struck. One of them, a laborer by the name of Mangal, was saved by Avani. However, Mangal had already become a Raakan and sought others to sacrifice. He succeeded in taking the lives of five people one by one, which caused Haadika to show up. Later, it remained revealed that Avani had remained controlled by Haadika all along and that she had turned everyone in the hamlet into Raakans to exact revenge for the murder of her son, Ridhiyakan. Swaroop, however, swiftly became aware of this and assisted her by liberating her from Haadika’s control. The body of Ridhiyakan remained kept nearby but apart from him. Under the Shilasathal, in a cave. Later, Avani’s son Anay (Rohan Joshi) informed her that the only way to permanently quiet Ridhiyakan was to burn all the most significant plants covering the cave. Everyone was relieved when they accomplished that. After that, Avani abandoned the community with her son, permanently closing the mine.

Cast Of Dahan: Raakan Ka Rahasya

Cast Of Dahan: Raakan Ka Rahasya

The movie Dahan tells the tale of IAS official Avani Raut (Tisca Chopra), who travels to the Rajasthani town of Shilaspura to launch a mining operation worth Rs 240 crore after satellites have discovered minerals that might revolutionize the health and pharmaceutical industries. The villagers, however, stand in the way of her success because they think an old sorcerer named Ridhikayan has a terrible evil power, and his head is sealed within a rock to avert any unfortunate events. Therefore, they must worship him to maintain peace in the nation.

Avani must persuade the locals of the benefits the mining would offer, such as energy, employment prospects, commercial growth, etc., to accomplish her mission. However, she remains opposed by one Pramukh (Saurabh Shukla), who performs exorcisms and watches over the Shilasthal, where Ridhikayan remains worshipped. It happens while Avani, a single mother of Anay, struggles with her past.

Dahan, directed by Vikranth Pawar, starts its narrative with a solid opening episode. The screenplay draws the audience in and becomes more gripping by the minute as it doesn’t hold back on showing the gore. Much like Anay’s, my interest remained captured by the recital of Ridhikayan’s ancient history, the occult activities, and the stories of the fantastic and unexplained.

In the first episode, Tisca Chopra has the most significant screen time. As the determined lady persuaded that Shilaspura’s residents require the advancement that the mining project promises to bring about in their life, she gives a sincere and excellent performance. Avani constantly rejects the villagers’ ingrained ideas and seizes any chance to refute them. However, you question if it is the wisest course of action in a location you have never been to, where you will need its residents on your side to do your task.

“Dahan Raakan Ka Rahasya” Finale How Did They Prevent The Spread Of The Pathogen?

"Dahan Raakan Ka Rahasya" Finale How Did They Prevent The Spread Of The Pathogen?

Sandeep, an associate of Avani’s who has a background in microbiology, was the first to identify a novel virus as the origin of the entire Raakan phenomenon. Dr. Kaushik Arora examined the affected individuals’ brains and discovered that the new infection immediately impacted the amygdala. Thus, the area of the brain that controls fear quickly ceases to function. They begin to kill as a result of the ensuing uproar. Additionally, the infection destroys the blood cells that contain it. Blood in the body turns black as a result of the too-quick blood deoxygenation. While the scientifically inclined folks assumed it was some disease discharged by the mine that impacted the human cells, the locals said it was the illusion of Ridhiyakan.

It is a pathogen. Several cues pointed in this direction. Let’s go back to the first episode of the series. 1989 saw the conduct of an unauthorized (at the time by the government) inspection by Mangon Corporation. A father took his daughter into the caverns with him. They discovered the mineral there, but the daughter remained hurt. Her hand remained slashed. A Karapali later beheaded her after becoming a Raakan. When we returned to the present, Mangal had cut himself and had become a Raakan. Mangal later suffered a cut as he fought a police officer. What’s this? He also turned into a Raakan.  Sandeep also uncovered a significant supply of the newly discovered disease in the caverns directly below the Shilasthal when he continued his inquiry into it. Looking at it, it appeared like the rock was emitting some gas. There is insufficient evidence to support the claim that it only begins to develop after a human body cut if it were some illusion or other fabrication. However, Everything makes sense if we consider it a pathogen.

How Did They Prevent The Spread Of The Pathogen? Who Murdered Bhawani Bhaisa?

Given that the disease and the rock have always existed, one could question why this has never happened. The entire affair may be considered a recurring occurrence. Anyone who cut themselves into the cave became a Raakan, just like in 1989. The Karpalis cut off their heads. Nevertheless, some may wonder why Mangal returned to normal so quickly after Pramukh Swaroop ignited the “Akhand Jyoti” in the Shilasthal. You don’t have to concur with my hypothesis, but it is probable. We observed plants covering the cave that, if burned, may soothe Ridhiyakan. The Shilasthal was directly above the cave. Now, lighting the Akhand Jyoti is a challenging task.

The burning coal remains placed on a dish by Swaroop. It starts the fire, which results in the Akhand Jyoti. Somehow, the fire regulates the temperature at which certain herbs in the cave remain burned, releasing their fragrance. Mangal caught a whiff of the gas produced by the burning of the herbs, which may confine the infection; as a result, the virus temporarily lost strength. We also know that Raakans enjoy sniffing about, which suggests that they have a great sense of smell. The infection that the stone had been releasing all day remained aided to eradicate by the Akhand Jyoti in the evening. It justifies the pathogen’s controlled effects before Avani’s arrival.

Why Did It Not Damage Avani? It Wasn’t Just Her, Though.

Why Did It Not Damage Avani? It Wasn't Just Her, Though.

Sandeep was unaffected by it as well. In the cave, he passed away from severe wounds or weariness. He lacked any Raakan traces. So the primary factor wasn’t Avani becoming the selected one or anything else. There are two possible theories. One is a little bit superstitious, while the other is entirely rational. I’ll start with a sensible explanation, making the conclusion slightly unsettling.

Simply put, Avani and Sandeep were resistant to the disease. All may not necessarily have to be impacted by some micro-beings. All of us experienced it just recently. Some of us were innately resistant to the coronavirus. Were we the ones chosen? I suppose not. As Avani’s son, Anay usually has around a 50-50 chance for him to survive. It’s only biological.

Here comes the superstitious person. They were Avani, Anay, and Sandeep, the outsiders. We can presume that if Ridhiyakan exists, it has imprisoned the Shilaspura inhabitants. Nobody can escape the curse. Thus, only the villages remain impacted. However, the program provided no reason to believe that Ridhiyakan existed. It struck an acute balance between science and superstition. It is entirely logical to suppose that Ridhiyakan is there after learning how much the locals trusted in him.

Murder Of Bhawani Bhaisa

It was clear from the assassination of Bhawani Bhaisa that his wife Renu was not pleased with how he treated her. She exploited the circumstance. When she killed Bhawani Bhaisa, she pretended to be under the influence of Ridhiyakan. They began to have doubts that Swaroop was the one who killed him since she had left some evidence from the Shilasthal. Because no one else in Shilasthal had access to such resources, her primary goal was to stop the torment she and other women like her had to endure. To free the spirits imprisoned in their bodies, they remained taken to the Shilasthal and repeatedly tortured. She intended to murder Bhawani and get Swaroop out of the way. Swaroop was the one who conducted the rituals of removing souls from the bodies of the women.


Maybe. We witness Avani atoning for her lost romance with his son, Anay. Between Anay and Rani, there is still a lot of fantasy to remain. But Swaroop is gone. Except for Avani and Anay, every essential character has passed away. Only after the announcement of “Dahan: Raakan Ka Rahasya” Season 2 will we learn whether there are any plans for it. There isn’t a cliffhanger that suggests such.

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