What is an Electronic Newsletter?

In this article, you will discover the Electronic Newsletter concept, also known as a Newsletter. Also, what it works for and some tips on how businesses benefit from it. In the end, we will share with you some of our clients who already use it.

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History and Concept: Newsletter

On the Internet and in a book on Digital Marketing in Spanish, they title it as Newsletter, in our language, it is “Electronic Bulletin”. This way of communicating is not a very recent concept or technique.

Long before the Internet was born, the Newsletter technique already existed. Companies sent a letter by post to their customers and even people interested in their products and services. Although nowadays postal mail is also used but not much.

With the Age of Digital Information, the Newsletter is a potent tool that companies are using. But let’s see its concept.

A newsletter is a publication distributed regularly, focused on a central topic of interest to its subscribers. Many newsletters are published by clubs, societies, associations and businesses to provide information of interest to their members or employees on the same campus. Its extension is variable and can have several functions.

Suppose we approach it on a commercial level. In that case, the electronic or digital Newsletter distributes a message by email directed directly to the people who have voluntarily subscribed to receive this type of commercial message.

The Subscriber List is the people who have voluntarily registered to receive the business’s electronic newsletters because they are your clients or people interested in knowing more about the business, interested in the topic or following the company.

Spam: Bad Practice

It is essential to clarify that sending emails to an email list that has been purchased is an illegal technique called SPAM.

We never recommend our clients to buy email lists because it will NEVER generate positive results. It generates a hostile environment.

The money is on the list

It is a phrase that is known as “The Money Is In The List”. Partly it is true, but on the one hand, it is false. It is not always the case.

Let’s see why it is false. You can have a list of 1000 (thousand) subscribers, but 1% only open the email message or take any action because they are friends or family. They are not people interested in the business. Something is wrong.

Now, why do I say YES is true. A list of 100 subscribers, 80% open the emails, and 30% act according to the message they are sent. It is a success because the list is active; there is an excellent digital marketing plan.

Remember that the people who subscribe to your list receive information about your business; they even agree to receive your offers and discounts. Take advantage of this new opportunity to create direct and personal contact between your company and the person through email.

3 Benefits of the Electronic Newsletter

We already know that we can take advantage of the Business Web to prospect and search for new and potential clients!

The Electronic Newsletter is a channel. If used correctly, we will build a relationship of trust and credibility with the subscriber. This person will sooner or later become a potential customer.

The Electronic Newsletter is a business asset. Through the Newsletter, we will share content related to the business, such as photos, videos and text. Unlike doing it on Social Networks such as Facebook or Twitter, there is no control over the content.

The Electronic Bulletin generates the quality of subscribers and clients. This quality stay usually much higher compared to those who find the business in search engines.

How To Implement It In Business

It is essential to know and follow a series of steps regarding compliance with policies and avoid specific problems. Be sure that we are complying with the law and that the Software works correctly.

Comply with the law. It is personal data protection. This list of people will never remain sold or shared. It is for exclusive use for sending content via email.

Create an Automated System. The work of sending the emails must be automatic, and every time content remains updated on the web, the Software sends a notification to the list of subscribers.

Have an Analysis Software for each electronic Newsletter. The Software we use must generate information about how many people have opened the message, clicked, etc.

Segment the list of subscribers. It has several lists of subscribers according to the type of business or service, and for example, in our case, we have a list of people interested in our ebooks, others just news, besides, we have a list of our clients.

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