Gum Hai Written Update – Sai Imagines Sharing Her Feelings With Virat

Gum Hai Written Update – Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein March 22, 2022, Episode Written, Update written at

Devi suggests that Weier’s current Gekhna is in front of her and closes her eyes, expressing her feelings for her. She closes her eyes and imagines the virus standing in front of her. She says that she feels music in her heart of her every time he sees it and becomes sad when he is angry with her; He realized that the meeting of her was not a coincidence, as they were destined to meet; She did not care about playing anything, but she is afraid of losing it; She did not care about the global swing relatively, but now it matters since he is the world of her; And also, She loves him enormously and will be forever. She hugs him happily, and then, instead, he understands her Devi. She dances with Devi and enjoys moments. Bahara Hua Dil Pehli Baar Re. The song plays in the background.

Devi, he evidently says that I saw in WEIRE’s love, he needs treatment of her. Sai says that she will serve her noodles and chouts of her. She wants to tell everyone that she loves Virout, Lord. The Virt awakens, feeling restless and walking towards the terrace. SAI continues to express its happiness of it. Devi asks him to think well and decide when she says I love you in faith. Sai says that now, if possible, the Sir virus, I love you. She turns and enters shock, watching the virus. Devi asks what Veeru does here; she hears that she loves him. Sai tells himself nervously that she feels like this and let us leave God now. Devi insists on ongoing and telling her that she loves you right now.

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein – 22nd March 2022 Written Update:

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein - 22nd March 2022 Written Update_

Sai would go to the embroidery of the virus and ask him if she heard that, she said. He asks that. She says she acts innocent and will reveal what Devi spoke. She kneels on her knees and keeps him in her hand, saying she loves him significantly her life. Although, She says that she wants to live with him and share her life with him; She had fallen for a long time in her’s love, but now I understand it, her heart feels to share her life with him. He retires from his hand and says that she loves it, hates it, and she has nothing to do; He trusted her more than himself, but she suspected him and cursed that she was not with him and left arm when she needed above all; Where there is no respect and trust, there can be no love; He has nothing for him since he is dead for her for a long time, so he must stop her drama and pass her time. SAI is in a curse.

Suspense of Drama

UPS warns Devi reveals that it is the imagination of Sai Baba and asks him to go to hell. She asks the virus if they hear the words of Sai. He says he did not come here to feel the fresh air, while he thought he was strangled in his room but saw that someone feels suffocated here. He tells her to go to her room, even though it will depend on the Soum / Sai. Devi tries to discover that Baba loves him, but Sai stops her. Virat goes. Devi scolds her and asks why she did not reveal the virus how much she loves him. Sai says Virata became angry with her and turned her face; She does not want to run the virus; He is mad at her now hate it more if she expresses his love for him; she must get family trust before obtaining the confidence of Virata. Devi asks if she will tell her love to Virata. Sai Baba says she glorifies the virus and calm and then grow her love for him.

Sai dried the hair after swimming and seeing the virus the following day. Sleep seems romantic and smiling, looking at her face. Ye Ye Laal Ishq Ishq Malaal. She Vizheet Hair and thinks that her smile is so cute, how someone can fall in love with that smile; She can do anything to keep that smile alive, and so on. The song plays in the background.

Precap of Gum Hai Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Sai is Reading News Papers and discovers that she has to use seven colours to bring her and she thinks she will win the heart Virata during the Holi Festival.


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