Hair Transplant In Turkey : Is It Worth The Risk?

In particular, hair clinics want to locate in Turkey. Thousands of men fly to Istanbul each year to get implants. Unbeatable rates are offered by several clinics, which also include cultural excursions in their packages.

Hair Transplant In Turkey : Is It Worth The Risk?

They stand out among the throngs of tourists in Istanbul, the massive Turkish metropolis. These are hair transplants for males, with a bandage on the back of their heads. Together, three friends from the north of France arrive. As a pair, David and Julie don’t like that the young man is bald. It was her who persuaded him to travel to Turkey. The young woman says, “Losing your hair and then getting older changes a person a lot.” They spent half as much as they would have in France for a five-day package that included a hotel room with a pool, a taxi, and operations. “It costs 2,900 euros for each procedure, and because we went in a group, I received 200 euros off,” the patient claims.

The goal of hair transplantation is to give people who are bothered by androgenetic alopecia—hair loss—a more youthful appearance. This exercise goes over the assessment and care of patients having hair transplants and describes how the interprofessional team can help patients receive better treatment.


  • Determine the anatomical structures, hair transplantation indications, and contraindications.
  • Give an overview of the tools, staff, setup, and procedure used in hair transplantation.
  • Examine the proper assessment of the clinical importance and possible risks associated with Hair Transplant In Turkey
  • Provide an overview of interprofessional team techniques to enhance communication and care coordination in order to progress hair transplantation and enhance results.

What Is The Price Of A Hair Transplant Cost  In Turkey?

You should have between $2,500 and $7,500 set aside for your travel and lodging expenses if you wish to have a locks  transplant in Turkey. The FUE hair transplant procedure may cost between $8,000 and $30,000 in other nations. Some of the top hair transplant centres are located in Turkey.

Reasons For Having A Hair Transplant In Türkiye

Body Expert is here to help you! We are a medicinal tourism agency, specialized in advising and supporting patients in their medical care in Istanbul. Our priority is to assurance you the best quality of care at the best prices, in complete transparency and in your language.

For your comfort, your Body Expert assistant will support you throughout your entire process: from obtaining your quote to the entire organization of your aesthetic journey. Carrying out your hair transplant in Turkey, through Body Expert, lets you to benefit from our expertise and save up to 80% on your local rates!

How Are  Hair Transplant Procedures?

The medical professional removes skin grafts, or tiny pieces of skin, from parts of the body where there is healthy hair. Physicians refer to this region as the donor site. The thickest part of your hair is normally found on your head, near the rear of your scalp. The grafts are moved to areas of the scalp without hair by the medical professional. The transplanted skin ought to keep growing hair when it heals.

Who Qualifies For Hair Restoration Surgery?

A hair restoration procedure might be right for you if you:

Set reasonable expectations for the outcomes of your hair replacement.

Still Have Patches Of Your Scalp Where Thick Hair Is Growing?

Why Pick Istanbul For Your Hair Transplant? And Hair Loss Treatments.

To restore your lost hair, hair transplantation Türkiye is the best option. Therefore, hair implants are a minimally invasive form of cosmetic surgery that, when done by a professional, can yield amazing grafting outcomes.

Moreover, hair transplant services used in Turkish clinics are acknowledged globally as providing the greatest hair transplants available, regardless of the condition being treated—androgenetic alopecia or severe hair loss, for example.

In addition, a growing number of foreigners are visiting Turkey to have hair implants in order to address their baldness issues due to Turkish expertise in this field.

Additionally, the finest clinics in Turkey charge 50% less on average for the same surgery as they do in France. Be aware that, unlike in France, the cost of hair implants in Istanbul is determined by the total number of grafts to be implanted (a set fee).

For this reason, it’s a great method to terminate a hair complex associated with baldness in men or noticeable hair loss in ladies. Please feel free to review our rates in further detail in order to determine the best hair transplant at the most affordable cost.

Which Hair Transplant Transplant Surgery Is The Best?

type of hair transplant The Micro Saphir DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) graft, which is now the greatest hair transplant procedure available worldwide, is the Cosmedica center’s area of expertise.

To reduce the possibility of serious scalp trauma,  extracted hair follicles are detached from the donor hair , which is often the back of the head, using a sapphire blade.

To conceal the baldness, the doctor will use the DHI pen to implant hair once more in the recipient area. This method has the benefit of keeping the follicles, which are living tissues, safe for the length of the procedure.

Unlike FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)  follicular unit extraction hair transplants, which, remember, leave a noticeable scar (on short hair), the Micro Saphir DHI hair transplant is the greatest technology available for hair implants.

The Follic Unit Extraction (FUE) transplant is the second hair transplant method following the DHI Micro Saphir. Keep in mind that the FUE procedure prompted the development of the DHI transplant.

Extract Hair Transplant Clinics In Turkey

Medart Hair clinic

Medart Hair Clinic is among your best choices if you’re looking for a top hair transplant in Turkey. The clinic is run by one of Turkey’s most skilled hair transplant surgeons, Dr. Tuna Tantan Williams. She has successfully done almost 8,000 procedures. She is a good hair transplant surgeon.

Turkey’s Low-Cost Transplants: What Are The Risks?

Many patients are drawn to Turkey by the low costs, but they are not necessarily aware of the risks associated with choosing specific low-cost facilities.

Risks Related To Profitability

It goes without saying that a non-expertly performed operation does not ensure favourable outcomes. Hair loss, improperly implanted follicles, a hole in the scalp… There are a lot of hazards involved, therefore it’s critical to research the clinic and the physician who will be doing your hair implantation.

Potential For Scarring

The technique (FUT or FUE, for example) that was employed for your procedure will mostly determine the risk of scarring. Although the FUE procedure, in theory, leaves no scars, it is possible that the practitioner will not select this course of action due to its high time commitment. As a result, it is essential to confirm the technique.

Perils Associated With Infection

The most important consideration, as with any surgical procedure, is the clinic’s and its equipment’s cleanliness and hygiene. For this reason, guidelines have been established by the European Union and France to reduce the risk of infection. Since Turkey is not a member of the EU, it is exempt from these rules.


If you were not successful with previous hair growth treatments, you may consider hair transplant surgery. There are numerous approaches to hair transplantation. Thus, it’s critical to collaborate with a healthcare professional to select the method that will best achieve your objectives. Seek out a qualified expert with knowledge of both hair loss and hair restoration. They should be the only ones doing transplant surgery. The practical features of hair transplant surgery should also be taken into account. Consider the price and recovery period in between sessions.


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