What is Marketing Tactics? And its Uses?

Marketing Tactics

They indicate how to execute the chosen commercial strategy, at the same time that they allow the customer to get closer to the company.

Sale promotion

First, Sales promotion is the tactic of temporarily offering the customer advantage. Its importance is obvious when you consider that simply displaying a product in a store window can increase its sale by 600 per cent.

Types of sales promotion:

1 Sampling

2 Discounts to distributors

3 Price promotion

4 Awards

5 Contests and lotteries

6 Refund offers

7 Packages on offer

8 Coupons and plans that reward continuity

9 Exhibitors at points of sale

10 Participation in trade shows

Next, Each of these tactics has its cost. Therefore, it is essential to examine which is the most beneficial for a particular product or service in a given situation. Thus, the company’s resources should be concentrated to achieve better results in the strategy’s execution.

Sales promotion tactics are especially helpful for:

  1. Introducing a new product.
  2. Once additional sales increase during periods of strong competition.


Moreover, Advertising is the tactic that aims to stimulate demand for the advertiser’s products through the media. Also, Its main objective is to make the product or service known in the market and present it in the most encouraging way possible concerning its effects.

Other possible targets are:

  1. Stimulate primary demand for the product or service
  2. Introduce new or unknown advantages or qualities
  3. Modify the importance given to any of the qualities of the product or service
  4. Altering the way of perceiving the product or service
  5. Modify the way of perceiving products or services of the competition

Personal sale

In Fact, It is the process in which the salesperson tries to convince the client of the benefits they will obtain with a certain product or service. In the sale, there must be a benefit for both the customer and the salesperson.

Than, Elaborate face-to-face sales tactics should address:

  1. Recruiting, rewards and preparing a sales team.
  2. The consignment of exclusive or non-exclusive transactions areas.
  3. The stimuli so that the performance of the commercial is maximum.

Advantages of personal selling:

Also, More flexibility since the salesperson can adapt the presentation of what he sells to the client’s needs, behaviours, and interests in each specific case.

  1. Immediate customer response, which allows the presentation to be adapted to the specific demand
  2. Immediate income or sales.
  3. Provision of additional services taking advantage of the sales visit.


As well as, Merchandising is the set of tactics carried out to influence the purchaser’s purchasing decisions when it is in front or within the sale point.

Although, it can be applied to each interior and exterior corner of the establishment, to each space where the customer’s eye reaches:

  1.  In graphics or colour
  2. The value of the surface, the situation of doors and corridors, the condition of the departments or product group
  3. In the exhibition of the product and decorative elements
  4. By dealing with the public
  5. In the rest areas
  6. On business cards, letters, promotional prints
  7. On product labels, etc.

Similarly,  You have to realize that everything has its value, and it has to be profitable. The main effect to be obtained on sales is to sell more with fewer expenses. Also, All merchandising tactic is based on psychology and makes the visitor become a customer.

Merchandising elements :

1 Attention: Good service at a point of sale will result in excellent benefits in selling a product. It is necessary to have a trained staff oriented to the total satisfaction of the consumer.

2 Decoration: A good decoration of the point of sale so that it is more attractive encourages customers to visit the facilities and worry about knowing what remain being sold there. For example, many times, people leave restaurants because the lighting was bad, the colours on the walls conveyed desolation, or there were no striking paintings to look at.

3 Placement: It is very useful to place the products at the points of sale, so that:

  • They are located by “families” and well ordered.
  • The amounts reach everyone who wants to buy the product.
  • They are easily acquired and accessible.

Furthermore, There is adequate space to walk within the establishment to avoid inconvenience to customers.

4 Prices: A good pricing policy for consumers. All customers are constantly looking for the lowest price for the same product that can be found in various parts.

5 Guarantee: The guarantee that an item has will make it be purchased with greater confidence.

Types of Merchandising :

1 Organization :

1 Determination of the most suitable and appropriate place at the point of sale.

2 We are structuring the space by product families.

2 Management :

1 Determination of the linear size of each section.

2 Linear distribution in families.

3 Know the product rotation.

4 Know the profitability of the linear meter.

5 Finally, Comparative analysis between brands and product families.

3 Animation: Create attractive sections.

Although, The file can be a computerized database or a manual file with classic cardboard cards or paper sheets. In any case, to be useful, it must remained permanently updated, transferring any changes as they occur.

As well as, The usefulness of this file is based on the fact that it simplifies the functions of:

1 Control if the settlements are adjusted to the agreed

2 Know which is the cheapest customer

3 Periodically check if the company is meeting its commitments

Sometimes,  calculate the benefit that each client obtains from the company


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