Nse: piind ( PI Industries Ltd), Share Price, Pi Coin Price and Pi Network

Nse: piind (PI Industries Ltd) founded in 1946, is a large-cap business in the pesticides and agrochemicals industry with a market valuation of Rs 48,396.56 billion.

Agri-inputs, export incentives, sale of services, and scrap are among PI Industries Ltd.’s primary products and revenue segments for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022.

For the quarter that concluded on December 31, 2022, the firm recorded consolidated total income of Rs 1,663.40 crore, up 20.34% from the same quarter last year and down 7.68% from the previous quarter’s total income of Rs 1,801.70 crore. In the recent quarter, the company generated a net profit after tax of Rs 351.30 billion.

The top executives of the company are Mr. Salil Singhal, Mr. Narayan K Seshadri, Mr. Mayank Singhal, Mr. Rajnish Sarna, Dr. Atul Kumar Gupta, Mr. Parmanand Pande, Dr. Prashant Hedge, Mr. Arvind Singhal, Ms. Lisa J. Brown, Mr. Pravin K. Laheri, Mrs. Ramni Nirula, Dr. T. S. Balganesh, and Ms. Price Waterhouse Chartered Accountants LLP are the company’s auditors. 15.17 crore shares of the business were outstanding as of March 31, 2023.

Pi Industries Share Price

  • In Monday’s session, shares of nse: piind (PI Industries Ltd). decreased 2.5% to Rs 3110.2 as of 2:03 PM (IST), despite the market benchmark Sensex trading 300.84 points higher at 59955.9.
  • The stock saw a gap-up start to the session earlier in the day. On the NSE, the stock was trading between a 52-week high of Rs. 3698.5 and a 52-week low of Rs. 2366.55. Up to 02:03 PM (IST), 6920 shares were exchanged on the counter.
  • The stock started the day at Rs. 3209.95 and has so far had an intraday high and low of Rs. 3209.95 and Rs. 3105.05.
  • The stock’s price-to-earnings ratio (PE ratio) was 40.99, its earnings per share (EPS) was 76.02 rupees, its PB ratio was 7.01, and its return on equity (ROE) was 13.78 rupees.

Advertiser/FII Holding

As of April 24, the promoters owned 46.09 percent of the firm, while FII and MF shareholdings were 18.59 percent and 16.4 percent, respectively.

Major Financials

The organization, which has a market capitalization of Rs. 47276.12 crore, is in the pesticides and agrochemicals sector.

The firm recorded consolidated revenues of Rs 1663.4 crore for the quarter that completed on December 31, 2022, a decrease of 7.68% from the previous quarter’s Rs 1801.7 crore and a decrease of 20.34% from the same quarter a year prior.

For the most recent quarter, the firm recorded a net profit of Rs 351.8 crore, an increase of 58.04% over the equivalent quarter the previous year.

Technical Significance

The stock’s relative strength index (RSI) is 54.89. The RSI fluctuates between zero and one hundred.

When the RSI value will be above 70 and below 30, it is traditionally regarded as an overbought or oversold position.

The RSI indicator shouldn’t be seen in isolation, according to analysts, since it could not be enough to make a trading decision, just as a fundamental analyst cannot advocate “buy” or “sell” based solely on a single valuation ratio.

PI coin price

What is the cost of a Pi network nowadays in Indian rupees?

Pi Network is now being offered for 2,202.94 Indian rupees.

What is the current rate of changing 1 PI into INR?

Currently, 1 Pi Network is worth 2,202.94 Indian rupees. According to the most recent PI to INR conversion rate, which was last updated on April 24, 2023 at 19:58, you can exchange 1 Pi Network for 2,202.94 INR.

What does a rate of 1 PI to INR mean?

The Pi Network to INR exchange rate informs you of the amount of Indian rupee required to purchase 1 PI. To further your technical analysis of this trading pair, you can utilise the interactive charts and real-time PI to INR rates available on CoinCodex.

How can you exchange PI for INR?

Selling Pi Network for INR on a cryptocurrency exchange will allow you to convert Pi Network to Indian rupees.

Two exchanges presently provide Pi Network for trading. Huobi Global is the ideal platform to use for converting PI to INR. to get a list of all the markets where Pi Network is traded.

What was the conversion rate for 1 PI to INR one year ago?

The 1 PI to INR conversion rate was 3,123.40 INR one year ago. The price of the Pi Network is currently 29.47% less than it was a year ago.

How do you change 1 PI into INR?

Try going through our list of cryptocurrency exchanges, which includes 0 exchanges that feature the PI/INR trading pair, if you’re trying to discover the best exchange rate to convert Pi Network to INR.

One Pi network is worth Indian rupees.

The PI to INR conversion rate was last updated on April 24, 2023, at 19:59 and represents the value of 1 Pi network in INR as 2,203.03 INR.

What is Golden PI?

One of the top bond investment applications is Golden Pi. To address all of your bond investment questions, we have completed a thorough Golden Pi review.

Where can I invest to get a consistent income?

  • Thanks to the extensive marketing of stocks, mutual funds, and cryptocurrencies, you may be fully aware of investments that generate money over the long term.
  • Finding a viable investment alternative, nevertheless, where you can generate a consistent income, becomes challenging.
  • Fixed deposits are secure, but there is no assurance that the returns will outpace inflation.
  • Although stocks and mutual funds can produce returns that outperform inflation, the short-term volatility does not ensure a steady stream of income.
  • You require an investment that is secure yet yields higher returns than inflation.

Pi Network

The native token of the nse: piind (Pi Network), is still likely the most significant forthcoming cryptocurrency, more than four years after it was first mentioned, with no official release date established.

But what is the Pi network, and can we estimate its pricehe most significant forthcoming cryptocurrency, more than four years after it was first mentioned, with no official release date established.

But what is the Pi network, and can we estimate its price? Let’s investigate and see what we can learn.

What is the PI Network?

The centralization of first-generation currencies like bitcoin (BTC) has made mining them difficult for many common users.

The Pi Network is a digital currency initiative that attempts to make cryptocurrency mining accessible.

  • By confirming transactions on a distributed ledger, users may mine PI cryptocurrency coins via desktop and mobile phone apps thanks to the Pi Network, which was created by a team of Stanford University alumni.
  • Pi nodes employ an algorithm based on the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), in contrast to nodes on networks like Bitcoin that use proof-of-work (PoW) protocols.
  • A distributed ledger’s Pi nodes verify transactions and agree on the sequence in which to record new transactions.
  • In accordance with SCP, Pi nodes establish security circles, or groups, of three to five reliable individuals who known to each user on the network.
  • By requiring approval from the trustworthy nodes before a transaction can be confirmed on the shared ledger, security circles create a worldwide trust network that guards against fraudulent transactions.
  • When connected to a user’s cell phone number or Facebook account, the PI mining app functions as a bitcoin wallet.
  • The Pi blockchain will permit external wallets to keep PI currency and submit transactions directly to the blockchain, just like existing open blockchains.
  • But unlike other blockchains, its creators haven’t yet made the source code available.

PI is still in the pre-release phase.

There is still no official option to add the PI currency to your portfolio as of this writing (6 April 2023). When the mainnet blockchain is completely exposed, users who have mined the PI cryptocurrency will be able to withdraw or swap their coins. PI cannot be transferred while a test is being conducted.

This is done, according to the project’s website, to stop phoney accounts from gaining bitcoin. When PI switches from development mode to become a fully operational network, wallet balances should be honoured.

Price Prediction for PI coins: 2023 to 2025

The coin’s value was quoted by cryptocurrency statistics service CoinMarketCap as being about $26.50 on April 6, 2023, down from $38.20 on March 17, down from $63.50 on February 3, when it had lost more than 60% of its worth since the year’s commencement.

When attempting to examine the value of the PI currency, the website also gave the following disclaimer:

“Reports have questioned the reliability of Pi Network. Please be conscious that the mainnet has not opened yet, and the prices indicated below for some exchanges may not be transferrable across exchanges because they represent the value of the IOUs.

The prices displayed on certain exchanges are for IOUs, which AR not transferable across exchanges, therefore please be aware that the mainnet has not yet been activated. Please be careful and DYOR as you go.

  • Prior to this announcement, the algorithm-based forecasting websites Wallet Investor and DigitalCoinPrice expected the price of PI coin to be $0.007077.
  • The Pi Network price estimate for 2025 on the site suggested a probable price of $0.0212 in 2021, potential rise in 2023 and 2024. Then it estimated that in 2028, the token may cost $0.0319.
  • Although both websites mention the Pi Network DeFi currency, neither is presently providing a PI price estimate.
  • In actuality, there isn’t yet a trustworthy algorithm forecasting website that can estimate the future value of the PI cryptocurrency.
  • Any forecast of the pricing of the Pi Network for the years 2023 and beyond, all the way to 2030, would therefore be exceedingly speculative.
  • The launch date and subsequent performance of the cryptocurrency might affect the value of the PI coin in 2030. Some social media users have provided estimates that vary from $1 to hundreds of dollars.

What are PI Industries products?

nse: piind (PI Industries Ltd.) is an agrochemical company.It is a manufacturer and provider of granular formulations of agrochemical goods.

Insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, specialist items, plant nutrients, and other plant fertilisers are among the many things it provides.

The main services provided by PI Industries include R&D, synthesis and manufacture on demand, distribution, regulatory, manufacturing, application development, and marketing solutions.

The business offers its goods through channel partners and retail locations. It is operationally present in China, Germany, and Japan. The headquarters of PI Industries are in Gurugram, Haryana, India.

Products and Services

Products Services Brands
Fungicides Manufacturing Keefun
Insecticides Distribution Services Colt
Herbicides Marketing and distribution Osheen



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