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About Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story Web Series

About Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story Web Series
The 1992 Scam tells the story of Harshad Mehta, a stockbroker who became notorious for his financial crimes, most notably his involvement in the Indian securities scam in 1992. The show is based on the book The Scam by journalist Sucheta Dal, who was also one of the first to expose Mehta. After Mehta was exposed and arrested, the Bombay Stock Exchange crashed, damaging many people’s savings. Mehta’s manipulation of the stock market also exposed many loopholes in the Indian banking and BSE transaction system, which were later filled in with new rules. Mehta was sentenced to a strict five-year prison term and died of a heart attack in 2001.


Drama, crime and biography are some of the genres studied in this film.
IMDB rating: 9.6 / 10
Hansal Mehta and Jai Mehta led the movie.
Sony LIV is where you can get it.
Total Episodes: 10

Where can I watch “Scam 1992: The Story of Harshad Mehta” (TV series 2020) online?

You can watch “Scam 1992: The Story of Harshad Mehta” 2020 online series online on this free website. They have good video quality and no annoying ads.
The story revolves around the biography of Harshad Mehta, his brief rise and subsequent fall. Originally directed by Sameer Nair of Applause Entertainment, Hansal Mehta long worked on the recording as a hard copy of the 550-page content.
The test was officially announced in December 2019, and following its announcement, principal photography began.
The movies were shot in 200 districts of Mumbai in 85 days with filming ending in March 2020.
Pratam Mehta handled the cinematography, and Sumit Purohit and Kunal Valve tweaked the arrangements. Acchint Thakkar created the basic music.
Scam 1992 debuted on SonyLIV on October 9, 2020. The songwriting eventually gained recognition through the performances of the cast, songwriting, and significant specializations.
It became the most popular web fix on the streaming scene. The public liked it very much.
In March 2021, SonyLiv and Applause Entertainment announced the second part of the establishment named Scam 2003. It will be coordinated by Hansal Mehta.
Scam 1992 is a biopic about famous stock market leader Harshad Mehta. He was played by the famous Gujarati actor Pratik Gandhi and the role of journalist Suchita Dalal was played by Shreya Dhanvantari.
The episodes are very good in length and at the end they also add a suspense factor to this top web series.

Scam 1992 Web Series Watch Online

Scam Script 1992 Download Free Web Series.

Scam 1992 Web Series Watch Online Free
Purohit and Sourav Dey’s suit is writing scripts and dialogues for the books of Debashinsky bass and Daal.
It is a director. When we grew in 80 and 90, Hansel, Garzhad seemed more than life. I am happy that this web series can help me tell your story. ” This series will also have actors, such as Ananto Mahadyev and Saouton Kaushik, as well as Rajat Kapoor and Nigel Motive. Kk Raina, Lalit Parimu and Rajat Kapoor.
Moreover, This web series has Prateik Gandhi as the main character. Prateek was noticed for the first time for his 2014 film, Yaar. Subsequently, he spoke in films as a fan and the Rada ringside.
He was also part of the film Lavaryatri de Salman Khan and Mitra. In 1992, Harshad Mehta, broker, made more than 5,000 million rupees fraud. This scandal identified many drawbacks in the stock market and the bank.


Pratik Gandhi, as Harshad Mehta
Shiny Dhanvantari in dry dala
Chirag thief in Bhushan Bhatt
Vishesh Bansal, like young Harshad, meet
Anjali Barot, like Jioti Mehta (Harshad Wife)
Hemant Kher in Ashwin Mehta (Brother Harshad)
Ramacant Dayma, like Shantilal Mehta (Father Harshad)
Kumkum Das as Rasilaben Meht (Mother Harshad)
Jay Upadhyay in Pranav Sif
Kartik Krisman as Swami
Ayaz Khan as head of treasure, Bank of America
Provide trivedi like a drinking meet (wife Ashwin c)
Facial Rashid as Debarish bass
Nichol Dwivedi is in traction
Sharib Hashmi, like Charade Bellari
K. Raina, like MJ. Pharwani.
Rajat Kapoor, as K. Madhavan, Central Research Office of the United Director
Satish Koshik, like Mana Munra
Anante Mahadevan, like SI Wenkitaramanan Governor RBI
Ivan Rodriguez as editor of Fortune India
Mamik Singh Like Mr Rao
Kavin Dave like Rakesh
Lalit Bim, as K. Das, Central Office of the Research Director
Jaiment Phahak in Sitaaman
ShadaB Khan, like AK, Ajay Kedia
Parsh Ganatra in Maheshvari
Vivek Vavvana, like M. N. Goiporia, President of the SBI
Mitilesh Chavefi, like Ram Jethmalani
Hebheb Bhosale as Date RAM Doctor
Jagtiani Sharada in RajDeep Desai
Raghav Raj Kakker as a source of dry, nicknamed crash
Rajesh Jays like a gm gm
Vicram Kapadia KMD Poles
Hansal Meta (without proven)

What is your Opinion on Scam 1992 – The Harshad Mehta Story (Web Series)?

The 1992 Swindle: The Harshad Mehta Story has now become IMDb’s highest rated show with an average score of 9.6 out of 10.

“Scam 1992” is the Indian version of the Wolf of Wall Street, or you could say the Wolf of Dalal Street. The show is the best thing to happen in 2020. The show, adapted from the book The Scam by Sucheta Dalal and Debashis Basu, is a biographical drama about the infamous stockbroker Harshad Mehta, the man credited with the biggest financial scam in India. Scam 1992 is currently streaming on Sony Liv.

“Scam 1992” won so much love not only from the audience, but also from critics. Ever since the show premiered, it has become the talk of the town. The show broke all rating records and was ranked #1 on IMDb’s list of the highest rated shows. Yes, you read it right. The Indian show follows the story of Beats Breaking Bad, Chernobyl and GoT stock scam in the ratings. 1992 Rip-off: The Harshad Mehta is the perfect mix of twists and turns and whistle-worthy dialogue.

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Failure to Download

Firstly, We do not advise you that you download this web series from any pirated site for the reasons above.
Most likely, we would advise you if you want to see this Scam 1992 free download, And also, you can see your OTT official website from which this web series was launched.
This web series releasing on the SonyLIV OTT platform, so you can go to SonyLIV and see this web series.
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Frequently asked Questions about the 1992 Scam Web Series.

Where can we see the SCAM 1992 Free Web Series?
SCAM 1992 downloads of the free web series were released on the OTT platform called Sonyliv. Then, by visiting the official site of Sonyliv or Android application, you can see this series of web series.
The Web Series “SCAM 1992” is based on what Person?
Moreover, the web series is based on the rector of Indian values ​​called Garzhad Mehta, which in 1992 made a large scam on the stock market.
Is SCAM 1992 based on Real History?
Yes, the 1992 fraud on the Internet is based on the real scam of Garzhad Mehta.
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