What is Personal Branding? How to Start It?

Personal Branding

The concept of “{personal branding}” first appeared in the United States business literature in 1997. In an article in the Fast Company publication, entitled. The Brand Called You, whose author was the American writer Tom Peters. In it, he proposed that, in the age of people, individuals should be their brand.

With the arrival of the internet, a revolution took place .In the diffusion of brands. And the relationship they began to have with consumers. Similarly, associated with economic cycles, the professional market became global, increasing the possibilities of accessing new job opportunities. People began to see themselves as a brand in constant competition with other brands.

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What is Personal Branding?

This concept as such has always existed, understood as reputation, fame or recognition. And we all have something of it to a greater or lesser extent. Today it is something that has been systematized and is determined. By the knowledge on the part of others of what you mean or can contribute to them

How to Start Building your Brand?

A first approach is as easy as doing a search about us on Google. It is essential to do it from a browser in “private window”. Mode (Safari / Firefox) or “incognito window” (Google Chrome). The purpose is to obtain an objective search without considering anything that we have previously consulted on the internet.

On the other hand, the personal brand can endanger the brand of a company or organization. For this reason, today, good professionals are sought. In companies, and they are also committed to the values that are implicit in their brands.

Define me in a Minute, the Elevator Pitch

The term elevator pitch is a short presentation of one-minute duration serving as a personal introduction to potential employers, new customers or investors. Its objective is to sell your professional service or business idea, and it is essential not to miss professional opportunities.

How to make an Elevator Pitch?

There is no set way to do the speech, but these rules can help you:

  • Use plain, simple language that is easy to understand.
  • Introduce yourself by name and mention:
  • You must convey what you offer differentially. Include your added value or “your secret ingredient”. Which shows that you easily differentiate yourself from your competition. And that it will be what will end up convincing your interlocutor. Finally, it includes a call to action or Calls to Action. Mention. For example, what you are looking for from the interlocutor. Or request their card and comment that you will call them at a specific time.

Keep in mind that you should have your presentation prepared in advance . As well as rehearsed and ready for when an opportunity appears.

Your Digital Profile

LinkedIn is the largest global professional network and an excellent starting point for building your digital personal brand. It seems like it’s been around forever, but LinkedIn was launched in 2003 as a resource for professionals. Who wanted to connect with other professionals.

According to the latest published data, this network currently has more than 500 million registered users. Its process is based on the theory of the six degrees of separation. According to which all human beings are related, despite the large number of inhabitants that the earth has. In one way or another, we would have the possibility of “knowing each other” or at least generating a “relationship”.

Measure the Effectiveness of your Profile

Suppose your configuration has the expected results through the Social Selling Index tool that informs you of your competition. On LinkedIn based on four different factors and compares it, both with professionals in your sector with a LinkedIn profile. Whether they are inside or outside. Of your network, as with the rest of the professionals in your network.

What does this Index Measure?

The Effectiveness with which you establish your brand, your ability to find the right people. The level of interaction of your information and your ability to create relationships.

How to use the Tool?

With your LinkedIn account open, you can access it from the following address:

The profiles LinkedIn will eventually completely replacing the resume. Currently, it is the origin of more than 50% of passive hiring and mandatory consultation of recruiters. And solution to get in touch with the companies to which you wish to present your candidacies.

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