These Marketing Trends Will Be Everywhere Next Year

Whether you rely mostly on social media to connect with your customers or use a blog to keep your audience informed, you’re always adjusting, adapting, and researching new marketing trends. And now that 2021 is nearly over, smart marketers like you may already be checking out the next trends for 2022.

Let us inspire you with the top marketing trends that will take your campaigns to a whole new level next year. These trends will help you better understand your industry and provide insights into where your marketing campaigns are headed.

Six Top 2022 Marketing Trends

The following are the top six marketing trends to watch out for in 2022.

More Value from Social Media Marketing

All businesses know the value of using social media to connect with their customers and followers. Almost all companies use social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube where they also contact different companies, clients, and influencers.

Using social media for marketing will continue next year as more and more brands realize the value of creating a strong online presence. Marketers also take advantage of the many features of social media platforms like how Facebook uses demographics to target sales.

Many businesses will likely continue using social media sites to connect with customers and use these to provide good customer service. Social media sites can also help announce offers, deals, and any updates. Businesses with no social media pages or that are not taking advantage of social media to connect with their customers should start this year. 

Take Advantage of Extended Reality (XR)

XR is going to be big next year, as many brands are realizing the value of this technology to help engage with their audience. Extended Reality is the combination of virtual reality or VR, augmented reality or AR, and mixed reality or MR.  XR enhances and may replace how customers view the world, using immersive text and graphics in a virtual environment that simulates the real world.

XR in marketing means consumers can qualitatively explore ads and check out even the smallest details before they decide on a product or a service. The technology is interactive and versatile and some businesses are already using XR and reaping its benefits. Some examples are the try-before-you-buy options in businesses, where consumers can check if a product like a piece of furniture fits well in their home. Consumers may use XR to view travel destinations or accommodations before they book their stay. Meanwhile, XR tours of real estate properties can change the way realtors and salespeople serve their customers.

Gain Insights from Machine Learning and AI

A lot of brands are now realizing the value of artificial intelligence and machine learning in marketing. These technologies can help marketers develop deeper insights to create new campaigns, new risk prediction strategies, and start new direct-response marketing efforts. Digital Authority Partners adds that AI also makes data-driven marketing less labor-intensive.

Artificial Intelligence provides a personalized experience for different users. AI can create a worthwhile customer journey, affect buying decisions, and create loyalty. Business Insider reveals that with proper human guidance, AI will reach its full potential. Those who understand how to use this technology can develop new paradigms and ideas which enhance their competitive edge in their respective markets. 

Virtual Marketing and Teleconferencing

Many businesses had to adapt to lockdowns and shut-downs caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many also had to switch from running their businesses in a brick and mortar environment to a virtual storefront. In 2021, restrictions gradually eased in many places but many companies still operate virtually, and thus, it’s possible that virtual marketing and techniques like teleconferencing will remain next year.

Digital marketers and advertisers will continue to work from home with scheduled virtual meetings and teleconferences. Agencies may embrace this setup fully as this cuts down overhead or operational costs. Also, marketing teams can choose from different virtual technology, productivity, and communication tools to make virtual marketing easier and seamless.

Digital Marketing Best Practices

With just a simple blog site, a business can increase its online presence and secure more leads by 67%. What more leads or sales might they generate if they made use of social media platforms and websites?

Marketers and advertisers have learned to grow their business’ online presence and this practice will continue to influence the industry for many years to come. Nowadays, there are more tools and online technologies available for marketers such as site-building tools, stock image websites, and graphics creation sites.

Even someone new to digital marketing can easily dive right in by using smart and easy apps and tools. Marketers working on a tight budget can also use free-version tools to help them meet their marketing goals. Those who are not using digital marketing tools should consider this powerful option next year. A good stack of tools includes a social marketing tool, email marketing tool, and SEO tools. More optimized digital marketing strategies call for tools like conversion optimization tools, lead enrichment tools, graphics creation tools, and landing page or lead capture tools.

Focus On Analytics and Customer Habits

Successful marketers study data and use it to create better marketing campaigns. Marketers must focus on site metrics to determine what works and what’s not integrated with their strategies. Site metrics will tell marketers whether their targeted content is working or their personalized ads are reaching specific groups. Knowing all these can guarantee a higher return on marketing investments in the long run.

As most marketers know, customer habits affect the way consumers choose and buy products or services. Also, consumers have changed over the years and are now more selective when it comes to branded media they support and those that they set aside. Because of these new trends, brands must use analytics to create targeted ads to capture their buyers’ attention. Learning how to analyze data will allow marketers to offer the right ads at the best time and on the most appropriate channel.

Wrapping It Up

It’s another year, another chance to wow consumers with winning marketing campaigns. Successful digital marketers understand present-day and upcoming trends. The world is fast-changing and customers adapt new and better buying habits year after year. It’s a must for marketers to stay ahead of these trends and be quick to know what their customers are looking for. 


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