Top 5 Virtual business address providers 2021.

Virtual business address and virtual offices are very useful services for new startups and small businesses in 2021. The pandemic and lockdown have already confined people to their homes and remote working. In such testing times, it is unwise to burden yourself with the overhead cost of a rental lease for an office.

The need of the hour is to go with the times and set up your virtual address for llc . With the amazing service providers, managing your business is literally in the palm of your hand.

Enough with the convincing, let’s move onto the choosing part. The obvious question is which service to choose from. We have analyzed the top service providers for you for better selection.

How to evaluate virtual business address providers:

Before digging into the services these companies provide, it is very important to understand what you are looking for? And what suits your business best?

When you know the answer to these questions, picking one company will be easier for you. Look for the following in the companies to pick the suitable one:

Price: most of the companies are very straightforward about this. They have a list of services on their website. There is a wide range of options based on the price, ranging from 35$ to 200$. Some companies offer additional services for an extra price. Make sure you have complete knowledge of the price list of the services your selected package offers.

Phone number: many companies offer local phone numbers as well. It is a very good option if you are branching out to different places.

Business addresses: these companies have offices listed in multiple states and many countries. The addresses given include the complete address like the suite number, area code, etc.

Receptionist: the company you pick must offer receptionist services, where calls are answered and messages are noted. Some companies also give you the facility of an automated answering machine or voice mail.

Meeting Rooms and conference areas: many companies not just give you business addresses they also give you serviced meeting rooms and conference rooms for a limited period, on rent.

Extra services: many of the virtual office providers give extra services on a need basis on rent. These services include internet, audio-visual equipment, catering for meetings, etc.

Top 5 virtual business address providers:

1. DaVinci virtual office solutions:

It is a very popular provider that dominates the market with more than 1500 distinguished locations, in over 50 countries. It can help you create that impressive business footprint that you want in new regions. Every Davinci location uniformly provides high-end conference rooms, presentation tools, and receptionist services.

But it doesn’t end at that. You can also get the following services:

  • Mail receiving and forwarding.
  • Lobby directory listing.
  • Catering.
  • High-speed internet availability.
  • Day offices.
  • Lobby greeter.
  • Support center.
  • Registered agent and license display
  • Live web chat.
  • Receptionist services, both live and automated.

All this comes at a very cheap monthly price. The price starts from as low as $49 per month. However, it may differ from region to region. The best way is to visit the website and enter the zip code to get the price accordingly.

Davinci has no setup fee and it doesn’t charge you for standard services like receptionist, etc.

2. Alliance virtual offices:

The distinguishing feature of Alliance virtual offices is that it gives more services at a flat rate than any other provider. In these terms, you get the best value for money. It also starts as low as $49 per month. But to get exact rates you need to set your location. Different cities have different prices.

Alliance has more than 1100 locations in more than 40 countries.

You get the following services in their standard plan:

  • Distinguished virtual business address.
  • Live receptionist.
  • Mail handling including forwarding and receiving.
  • A toll-free number
  • Private offices.

Allied offices:

Allied offices are the truest to the concept of a virtual office. You can manage your whole business through your smartphone. You can use the Allied mobile app, to make phone calls, phone routing, business SMS, business e-faxing.

Allied offices provide the following services:

  • Meeting rooms.
  • Copying and printing services.
  • LCD TVs.
  • Live and automated receptionist services based in the US. This is available in your time zone, on weekends, and even after hours.
  • Account manager.
  • Appointment booking.

It offers three-tier pricing and is for locations in the US and Canada. The price starts from $44 but to be sure you have to look for your city, as different cities have different prices. It is best if you are always on the go and handle most of your business on the phone.


If there is a solution ideal for remote working teams, then it is SOCOCO. It is more like a workspace where you can interact with the team to take the edge off of the loneliness in remote working. It is a very flexible solution and you can easily integrate it with Zoom, Webex, and Google Hangouts, for video chatting.

SOCOCO takes virtual meetings to another level, as you can see the whole team in the virtual conference room and office workspace. You are also given  300 minutes of voice and video every month.

Some of the other features you get with SOCOCO are:

  • Choosing office decor and office plan.
  • Instant collaboration “knock on the door”.
  • Document sharing.
  • Real-time office management.
  • Mobile apps, both iOS, and Android.
  • In-app chatting.
  • Sharable meeting links for guests.
  • Video conferencing.
  • Concurrent, multiple screen sharing.

The pricing is simple, you have to pay a cost per seat, monthly or annually.

5. Office evolution:

Office evolution is a very diversified virtual office solution. It is perfect for small businesses, CPAs, financial planners, consultants, daily collaborators, and startups. You get conference rooms and meeting rooms for office work or meetings with clients.

But office evolution also understands the needs of small businesses. That is why it offers you physical services like using Wifi, making copies, or using a workspace to finish tasks, etc. and you can drop by anytime, unannounced for these.

Services include:

  • Personal mailbox, locked for privacy.
  • Business address.
  • 24/7 workspace access.
  • Private office.
  • Nationwide access.

They offer two different price plans suiting different business requirements.

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