Top tips for marketing your small business

Whether you’re looking to introduce your small business for the first time, or you need to upscale your customer acquisition techniques, you’re going to need an effective marketing Plan a marketing calendar to ensure your business arrives with a bang on the scene in your chosen niche.

The marketing landscape continues to evolve at a rapid rate, and trends have already begun to emerge for 2022.

What this means is that what might have worked for previous ventures or other businesses might not work for you right now. For instance, influencer marketing and motion graphic design are just two of the most influential tactics in modern marketing – and these popular methods are being employed by your competitors.

Are you using all the resources available to get your message out there? Let’s take a look at how you can adopt some top marketing ideas to revolutionise your small business’ marketing plan.

Why should small businesses have a marketing plan?

Digital marketing might seem like it takes up the vast majority of your time, but it’s for a good reason.

In fact, marketing is essential to get your small business competing in the market and staying put as a viable competitor for years to come.

A thorough marketing plan can:

–         Ensure that your customers are listening (I.e., brand awareness)

–         Provide credibility and reliability (boosting revenue)

–         Maintain relevancy (safeguarding the business for the future and staying in tune with consumers habits)

–         Educate and empower you with specific knowledge of your customer base

So, whether you’ve been in business for a handful of months or for multiple decades, here is a short list of the best marketing techniques to incorporate into your small business immediately.

1. 2D Animation

2D animation videos are an ideal starting point for any small business. Combining animation and graphic design, these videos have been proven to improve audience engagement, boost traffic to your website and, therefore, bolster sales.

The good news is that 2D animation videos don’t need to be complicated and it is suitable for a wide variety of platforms. They can be short and snappy but still enormously effective with the right concept – perfect across your social media channels, blog and even email marketing campaigns. If 2D animation videos are what you’re looking for then finding your very own animation agency to work with will be hugely beneficial to creating and delivering highly engaging animated content.

2. Get emailing

Speaking of emails, another effective way to increase audience engagement is through the tried and tested method of email marketing campaigns.

This technique will never die. In fact, evidence continues to show that consumers not only like receiving emails, but prefer it as their line of communication with brands.

Email marketing is just as important in 2022 as it allows you to nurture existing relationships, build brand new ones and establish professional lines of communication with like-minded businesses.

3.NBrush up on your SEO

So, you think you know SEO?

Well did you know that Google’s algorithm is set to make SEO keywords even more competitive this year?

The key to success here is to produce good quality content that appeals to your audience. No more keyword stuffing and boring blog posts. It might be harder to rank for your ideal keywords, but brushing up on your Whitehat SEO techniques is bound to deliver some great returns for you.

4. Turn to video

While TikTok was once valued at $50 billion in 2020, 2022 expects to see its worth to rise as high as $75 billion – and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to consider this a conservative estimate.

Indeed, consumers are loving video content at the moment. YouTubers are likewise raking in profits and are finding innovative ways to shout out to their sponsors by incorporating the content within the message of their videos.

There’s no reason why you can’t jump on the bandwagon for the benefit of your small business, too. And evidence suggests video content can in fact increase trust and reliability for your brand more so than any amount of blogs and website content.

Here are some great trending video ideas that you can implement today:

  • A motion graphic design video
  • A customer testimonial video
  • A video about your brand and its story
  • ‘How to’ and ‘top tips’ on your speciality niche
  • Q&As with an expert

5. Think of social media users

Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest and Snapchat are just a handful of the globe’s most favourite social media platforms.

You need to think where your demographic dwells the most. Do they scroll for hours on TikTok or do they engage in threads on Twitter? Find this out and start putting out content that appeals to them – and spread brand awareness in the process.

In fact, any of your creative content crafted by your marketing team or agency can be excellently executed on a whole host of social media platforms with great returns to be made in doing so.

Follow these top 5 tips and your small business will be reaping the rewards in no time.

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