What does a business litigation attorney do?

Owning and managing a business can be a great way to earn a living. Those that are in the business world will find that there is a lot of opportunity for success, but it is also quite competitive at times. Due to the heightened competition in many industries, there is always a chance that a business could be involved in a legal dispute. If you are involved in any type of professional business dispute, it is important that you retain legal support. In many cases, hiring a business litigation attorney is a practical necessity. A business litigation attorney can offer various legal services that will help ensure you are properly represented and receive the best outcome possible.

Legal Support in Variety of Situations

A business litigation attorney is responsible for looking out for their client’s best legal and business interests. Ultimately, your attorney will provide you with legal support services to help in various disputes. There are several forms of legal disputes in particular that your attorney can help with.

Contractual Disputes

One of the most common situations in which you will want to hire a business litigation attorney is if you are involved in a contractual dispute. Business contracts are written up and agreed to by all parties involved. Generally, they outline responsibilities and rewards that each party will receive. If any party is not holding up their end of the agreement, it could result in the need for further legal action. Your business litigation attorney can provide support in these situations.

Shareholder Disputes

When a company continues to grow and become successful, it will eventually need to raise more capital. This can be done through both the private and public markets. In these cases, there will be various shareholders involved and each member will sign some form of agreement stating their rights. If a shareholder feels they are not being treated fairly by others, it could arise in a dispute that will be handled by your business litigation attorney.

Employment Legal Cases

As a company grows, it is going to need to bring on more support to help manage and run the business. While quality employees can help to improve a business, hiring also comes with the risk that you could be named in an employment law case. If you are involved in an employment legal case, which can include claims of wrongful termination and other challenges, you will want to receive the legal representation provided by a business litigation attorney.

How a Business Litigation Attorney Can Help

If you are going through any type of legal dispute, it is important that you have proper legal representation. A business litigation attorney can offer a variety of services that will help ensure that you are properly represented.

Consultation on Case

If you are going to hire a business litigation attorney for help with a legal challenge, the first thing they will do is provide you with a consultation on your case. Any legal case today can come with various complexities based on the agreements signed, the legal accusations, and other factors. Your business litigation attorney will start by providing you with a full consultation on your case. This will include having them review the materials, give you insight into what the next steps look like, and discuss an appropriate legal strategy.

Dismissal or Settlement Discussion

Depending on the situation, your attorney will next attempt to have the case dismissed entirely or reach a settlement with the other party. If the case appears to be very frivolous, your attorney could help by appealing to have the case dropped entirely. If there is validity to the claim and the other party incurred a loss, your business litigation attorney can help you reach a fair settlement. In these cases, it is almost always better for all parties to settle out of court.

Mediation and Arbitration

If a fair settlement cannot be reached, the business litigation attorney can next help with mediation and arbitration. Typically, mediation is the next step and will involve having a third-party mediator review and discuss your case. They will then work to come to a fair conclusion and negotiate a settlement agreeable by all parties. If the case goes to arbitration, the third-party arbitrator will make a final and binding decision on the case. In either of these situations, having a business litigation attorney by your side is helpful. They will provide the support needed to present and deliberate your case with the other parties.

Civil Trial Support

In some more significant cases, going through mediation or arbitration may not be appropriate. In these cases, the claim could end up going to a full civil trial. If your case does go through the civil court process, you will always want to ensure you have an attorney by your side. Your business litigation attorney will provide all the legal support you need during this process. Generally, this will include helping you build a case and present it in court. They will also handle any cross-examination and discussions with the other parties involved. Your legal support can also offer any support needed to appeal a decision either by the court system or arbitrator.

Being involved in a legal dispute is a stressful situation for any business. As you are looking to hire a Houston business litigation attorney, you should speak with the team with the Weisbitt Law Firm. The legal team with the Weisbitt Law Firm can offer you any of the legal support you need if you are involved in a business dispute. This can include offering a full consultation, managing the mediation or arbitration process, negotiating a settlement, or even presenting and deliberating your case in court. This can help ensure you receive the most favorable outcome possible for you and your business.


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