Advantages and Disadvantages of CMS WordPress. Why Is WordPress the Most Used Site Engine?

Website owners, regardless of what they are doing, developing a Canadian online casino for real money or selling wigs, choose this CMS because of its many advantages, often neglecting the disadvantages. To help you avoid future problems, in this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of building websites with WordPress.

Benefits of CMS WordPress

Like every product, WordPress has strengths and weaknesses. Let’s look at the benefits first.

Open Source – available code

Since WordPress themes and software modules are distributed under the GPL agreement, you can easily upgrade the platform code and share it with other users without paying any license fees.

In addition, ready-made modules and templates of other programmers are available on the network, which you can use to refine or create a website, which will help you save time and money.

Easy Site Admin Panel

Usually, the developer needs to spend a lot of time learning the functions of the CMS in order to understand how to edit and manage the content of the site. WordPress, on the other hand, is an easy-to-manage platform for the mainstream.

Using a convenient admin panel, even non-professionals are able to control and perform important tasks and processes related to the site’s content.

This simultaneously saves time on mastering the CMS and gives time to acquire practical skills in site management. Even updating modules and plugins is not a problem and is done in 1 click.

The Main Advantage Is the Ease of Installation of WordPress

The WordPress platform is also known for its easy and fast installation process, which does not require the intervention of professional programmers. You can install the CMS on the server and start working with the site in just 5-10 minutes.

After completing the installation process, you can also install additional modules on the site through the graphical user interface, without having to download or change the configuration files.

All this is so simple that the modification and installation of modules on other platforms will seem to you incommensurably difficult processes.


The platform itself is not very SEO friendly, but a number of plugins available help make a difference and get the necessary tools (sitemap, metadata for pages, etc.). Finding and installing these applications will not be difficult, and their use will significantly improve SEO results.

Stability of Plugins (Add-Ons, Modules)

In years past, the architecture of the application programming interface for WP has rarely changed. Now, this has come to an end altogether and it is extremely unlikely that anything other than serious intervention by the developers will affect the situation. This makes it easy to modify the plugin and update the CMS and reduces the amount of technical work to maintain compatibility and stable functioning of installed add-ons.

Simply put – popular add-ons have been supported for years and are being finalized along with the CMS improvements.

Let’s move on to the disadvantages to which you should not close your eyes.

Disadvantages of WordPress

These advantages are largely responsible for the popularity of WordPress. Nevertheless, before making a final decision, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the shortcomings of this platform.

Open Source Framework

Since the WP platform code is publicly available on the web, it is easier for hackers to detect security holes. In addition, any programmer who used the source code can deliberately inject malicious code into it. For example, you have installed a plugin that serves to send mail from an unverified source – and the data about your subscribers will be known to the plugin author.

We recommend using only add-ons from the official repository or paid add-ons purchased from well-known script selling services.

It is especially not recommended to download paid themes and templates from publicly available sources.

Insufficient Optimization

WordPress was designed primarily for small sites. If you are creating a large e-commerce store or a corporate website, then you will need a number of changes in the system, since the initial parameters of the platform are not enough. Even if these changes are sometimes easy to make, in some cases they will increase your expense item many times over.

For example, when creating an online store for 1000+ products, it makes sense to immediately work with a CMS for an online store, and not try to “finish” the blogging platform.

In the case of the portal, paid CMS provides “Out of the box” already proven functionality necessary for the development and monetization of the site. These are user accounts, premium postings, and more.

Site Speed

Although more often the website loading speed is influenced by the webmasters themselves, loading 5MB images without processing. WordPress sites contain a lot of code that is not always used and significantly slows down the loading of site pages. Page loading speed is one of the factors required to meet user needs and rankings in Internet search engines.


WordPress is still the right tool and platform for website owners and developers alike. Now you have received detailed information about this product and will be able to make a decision on the advisability of switching to this CMS or creating a website on it.



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