How to write an Opinion piece? Nine Steps to Achieve it Successfully

Whether you write professionally or own a brand and want to build an audience, you must know how to write an opinion piece.

This type of content makes Internet users and readers see that on the other side, there is also a human with perspectives, points of view and arguments on certain topics and situations.

To prepare an opinion article, you must make an introduction that engages the reader, present a thesis, argue for or against it and, finally, conclude the text.

So you are probably doubting, “How do you develop each of these parts successfully?” Precisely, in this post, we will show you!

Below we will explain the nine steps you must follow to produce a solid, eye-catching and quality opinion piece. Are they:

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Inform you about the subject
  3. Get straight to the point
  4. Argue on the matter
  5. Use the active voice
  6. Use examples and include the reader
  7. Provide a solution
  8. Conclude the ideas presented
  9. Do a general review

Keep reading!

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1. Choose a Topic

When you consider how to write an opinion article or any other text, you should know that everything starts with selecting a topic.

Logically, in the case of an opinion article, the topic must be relevant and of interest to both you and the public.

For that reason, many of these contents focus on current issues that directly impact people’s daily lives, such as technological advances and new devices, for example.

2. Inform you about the Subject

Once you select the topic of the article, try to know everything about it. Spend enough time in the research process, regardless of whether you consider yourself an expert in the area to play or not.

Although we know a lot about something, we will always find new elements and data of interest through specialized references and even traditional search engines.

The research process will give you enough elements to develop solid opinions and arguments on the subject and even give you ideas on developing the text.

3. Get Straight to the Point

As you already know, an opinion piece’s structure or outline begins with an introduction that grabs the audience.

Besides, it must go straight to the point. That is, it has to present the thesis that will be raised.

Unlike essays, in this type of texts, detours are not convenient, and, instead, the idea is to show the reader the theme and common thread that will follow until the end.

Of course, this is not to about that you cannot place literary “ornaments” or striking expressions at the beginning of the text, as long as this does not detract from the precision and relevance of the introduction.

4. Argue on the Matter

After presenting the thesis in the introduction and even your perspective, you must start with the argument.

Please explain the reason for your opinion on the topic being developed and the relevance of talking about it.

Another very good practice, which is essential to mention when it comes to writing an opinion piece, is to back up your arguments with facts and solid points.

Although this is your point of view, you must show that your perceptions are based on hard facts and statistics.

5. Use the Active Voice

It is essential that you be straight and include yourself in developing an opinion piece.

For that reason, it is imperative that you avoid the passive voice of traditional news and instead opt for the active voice.

For example, instead of writing “industrial labour is expected to be replaced by machines in 2020”, you can write “, I hope that in 2020 companies will realize that it is necessary to carry out production processes through machines”.

6. Use Examples and Include the Reader

An opinion piece should be in-depth, precise, analytical and, at the same time, easy to “digest”.

To make the reading more enjoyable and understandable, you must include examples and everyday situations, allowing the reader to feel part of the topic or identify with it.

7. Provide a Solution

This point is very important! Every article must be accompanied by a proposal or solution on the subject that was discussed.

Otherwise, it will simply seem like a text of criticism, which does not offer alternatives or ways to improve a certain situation or fact.

Suppose the opinion article focuses on the positive assessment of a decision, innovation or other aspects. In that case, you can talk about the importance of keeping what you consider “good” in the future.

8. Conclude the Ideas Presented

All text must be accompanied by a conclusion, which captivates the reader and reaffirms the message and purpose of the opinion piece.

A good conclusion or closing should be recorded in readers’ minds after consuming the material and even impacting their lives (in a positive way) or raising awareness.

9. Do a General Review

Regardless of whether you use word processors such as Word or write directly on the platform or program used to publish the article, you must do a thorough review before finishing the work.

Even the best writer will miss small finger errors, inaccurate data, and difficult-to-understand sentences.

Also, analyze that the text is faithful to your opinion. And expresses the message that you intended to convey from the beginning.

Otherwise, you will have to make some structural and background changes that, although they may be annoying, will be necessary for a good final result.

That’s all!

Perfect! If you joined us here, you already know how to make a quality opinion piece.

Follow these steps in detail, and you will see that the text will connect with the recipients and convey a clear, precise and interesting message.

Remember that you can achieve a great connection with readers through this article, showing your human side and perceptions as part of a brand or editorial medium.

If you are obsessive about the world of letters or understand the importance of captivating the public through relevant and quality content, be sure to download our guide to the perfect text!

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