7 Efficient Budgeting Apps of 2021

Every person on the planet has to manage the budgeting of their daily, monthly, and annual expenses. While the task seems to be simple enough, its execution can become quite complicated.

Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have started to face significant financial crunches as layovers, pay cuts have become quite a norm. In such times, you would find great utility in a budgeting app on your smartphone. And while some may offer basic functionality, the apps we have brought for you, do much more than that.

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Access a minty fresh way of managing your daily and monthly budgets with the Mint budgeting app. This free-to-use app offers several budgeting features that you may require regularly. For starters, the app seamlessly connects with your bank accounts and credit cards, thus creating a completely synchronized environment.

Moreover, you can take advantage of the free credit score tracker that the app comes with. Be it paying your monthly bills, transaction reminders, or securing your transactions, the app offers complete customization in its interface.

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

After a brief trial period, this amazing budgeting app unlocks the ultimate budgeting toolkit that you might need. Instead of worrying about your expenses constantly, or waiting for your next paycheck to arrive because you are wiped clean, turn to this phenomenal app and save every last dollar possible.

In addition to providing completing bank and credit card synchronization, the app offers amazing educational resources that can help you get on top of the budgeting game. And if you are a student, then the 12-month free period will be your perfect opportunity of freeing yourself from student debt once and for all.


Not everyone can engage with complex interfaces or need to take complicated financial decisions regularly. For some, simply managing the budget of groceries, commute, and dine-outs is everything.

For such people, PocketGuard offers the perfect environment for budgeting and saving money each month. After the initial setup, the app will alert you of the daily remaining spendable budget. You would no longer go over the limit when you see a fancy cereal or a shiny gizmo at the supermarket.


This app enables you to categorize your monthly income for different necessary expenses. Thus, preventing any expense that you do not need to make unless vital. One of the best features of this app, though, is it allows you to synchronize your account across different devices thus enhancing accessibility.

Depending on the version you choose, free or paid, you would be able to synchronize up to five devices at a time. There, you will be able to access features like viewing spending reports, allotting budgets, debt progress reports, and much more.


Not only is Honeydue the perfect budgeting app for couples but is also a safe space for spouses to share meaningful conversations during their everyday lives. The app allows you and your partner to access a mutual budget that will display all information including, but not limited to, credit cards, daily and monthly expenses, and monthly savings.

The app also enables you to create custom categories that can help track personal expenses. Be it your anniversary, birthday, vacation, or anything else, you can create a budget for it instantaneously.


Stash is a remarkable personal finance app that makes investing possible for millions across the United States. Here, you do not need to possess millions to be able to invest. With a rich selection of stocks and shares being updated on the app every week, you will be able to invest in your capacity without any problems whatsoever.

The app offers three efficient plans, namely Stash Beginner, Stash Growth, and Stash+. Each of them offers unique utility depending on your level of investment needs. Now, your children’s futures and your own retirement plans may be fulfilled simultaneously without any compromise on either.


Last but not least, Digit helps you achieve all your financial goals smoothly. The great thing about this app is once you input your income and your goals, it automatically redirects your available funds towards your financial goals. Whether you have your eyes set on a new laptop, a fancy car, or a new house, with the remarkable financial capabilities of this app, you will reach your goal in no time.

Summing It All Up

Building up your savings pool or investment portfolio is not an easy task. That is if you do not have any help from the apps mentioned above. So, make the smart choice of downloading these apps and start saving right away.


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