Content Marketing Blog: How to Implement it in your Company

Content Marketing Blog

Value content has become almost mandatory for those companies that want to achieve more goals and provide better service to their customers. Its importance is that 66% of B2B marketers using blogs generate more leads. And organizations that blog receive 55% more visitors to their websites.

Today, consumers are no longer satisfied with just knowing about the existence of a product or service. Today, they have the necessary tools to find all the information they need to research a brand before purchasing.

However, just as they are demanding in the information they expect to receive, they are also demanding how a company or brand will provide it to them. Therefore, you must know what the best strategy to achieve it is. It includes blog posts and a whole content structure that is useful for consumers’ day-to-day life and adapts to their requirements.

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Implement a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

The most outstanding standard components of the content marketing plan are social media, blogging, visual content, and premium content material such as tools, ebooks, or webinars.

Situation 1:

You track an accounting firm specializing in taxes; however, this year, business is not doing well. Your purpose is to improve next year. Consequently, you agree to launch a blog on your website and publish articles happening the most common tax problems your target customer faces. You write a few posts a week, and over time these articles start to rank on Google and other search engines.

As tax-filing season approaches and people are looking to answer their questions, they find your blog articles and discover that you offer tax preparation services. Those who will follow their preparation process but they resolve take you into account for the following year. However, others will give up, decide to get rid of the headache of filing taxes and hire you because you are more prepared to do it Process.

Situation 2:

You are the director of marketing for an agency that specializes in small business design solutions. You have a hard time attracting clients because maintaining a retention agreement with an agency is challenging for a small business. So you decide to create some design tools that people can use to make their creations.

You do keyword research and find that 2,000 people search for the phrase “infographic generator” every month; So you decide to create a generator that people can use aimed at free the early time and then, if they like the tool, they can develop more infographics at no additional cost, just by giving you their name and email speech.

You make a couple of example infographics. And share them on your social networks so that users can understand the potential of the instrument. Through the traffic generated by social networks and organic search. You begin to perceive that hundreds of people use your generator per month. Some are fascinated finished the tool and provide you with their name and email to continue through it. When you become their information, you identify which people would be compatible with your Company, keep in contact with them and follow up on them pending customers.

Why Do Companies Essential a Content Marketing Strategy?

1. Generate leads in a Sustained way

Content marketing may seem like a lot of work to you, especially when compared to other marketing plans that offer immediate rewards, such as list-buying, pay-per-click (PPC), or trade show marketing, where you get names. And email addresses in just a few moments.

However, it is proven that content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional strategies, and 72% of companies consider it an effective method of increasing leads.

In other words, the content marketing plan prepares companies to have a predictable, scalable and efficient flow of leads.

2. It is a Less Expensive Long-Term Strategy

Hiring specialists who will bring your content strategy to life may seem expensive. Still, in a world where consumers review four to five pieces of content before contacting a seller, it is an essential investment.

98% of marketers believe that content marketing performance is worth the investment. Overall, lead generation can become six times less expensive.

3. Increase Brand Recognition

When you offer real worth to your audience: you listen to them. You are aware of what they need to solve their pain points, and you give them the information they need, your brand becomes relevant. Brand recognition is not something tangible or measurable in concrete terms. But it makes some brands transcend, which is the first choice of consumers.

Content marketing is an opportunity to increase your’s brand recognition with a varied and timely content offer, coupled with strategies such as branded content, email marketing and even correctly targeted outbound strategies.

4. It is The Entrance to an Inbound Strategy

Content marketing can be the door to an inbound strategy that revolutionizes the way you see your business and marketing in general. A well-organized content strategy will lead you to see that customers are the centre of your Company. And that it is not enough to want to sell them a product at all costs. Instead, it would be best if you listened to them to come to you of their own free will. That they have valuable interactions with your brand for their daily life. And that you accompany them beyond the moment of purchase.

It will not only lead you to generate more leads, increase your brand recognition or position yourself in a market. But it will also make your business grow in the best way and last.

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