How Laundromats Should Market their Services Amidst Pandemic

The recent health crisis has resulted in an economic recession, which has made it hard for businesses to struggle. With the situation, entrepreneurs realized that they have to create a business model that is both pandemic- and recession-proof.

If you are running a commercial laundry, it is unnecessary to panic. You can worry, but do not overdo it. Investors even suggest laundromat to those looking for business opportunities in this pandemic. A neighborhood laundromat is the best option when compared to restaurants these days.

Let’s know how investors should market their laundromat services amidst the pandemic.

Strong Online Presence

Almost all people search on Google for products or services from local shops or businesses, including neighborhood laundromats. However, some businesses don’t mind having a website or social media page. If your business falls into this category, then you are losing potential customers.

Now is the perfect chance to start. Social media presence helps attract new customers and retain the previous ones. Share relevant content and keep your potential customers engaged.

Introduce Business App

Most Internet users spend hours on their smartphones. As a result, mobile apps have become prevalent in our daily lives. It makes sense as it can be integrated into your website or social media pages. Moreover, the app streamlines the tasks of the laundromat staff.

Customers can easily inquire to their chatbot or book a laundry pickup and delivery appointment with a business app. It ultimately improves your efficiency.

Offer Cashless or Alternative Payment Methods

Hygiene and sanitation is at the top of our minds these days. Carrying cash is a mode of transmission of the coronavirus. Thus, offering cashless payment methods is more convenient.

As we suggested integrating a business app, one of its advantages is the convenience of app-based payments. Your clients can use debit cards, credit cards, and online payment. It reduces safety risks since there’s less cash to pass around on-site.

There’s no better time to jump on the trend, use alternative payment methods at your laundromat. Not to mention, customers tend to spend more when they are not using cash. That’s an added bonus.

Energy-Efficient and Eco-friendly Initiatives

Eco-friendly initiatives regarding energy efficiency and waste reduction have been in discussion these days. Even if we are in a pandemic, this topic continues to rise.

As a laundromat owner, you can do your part by investing in energy-efficient laundry equipment. Energy-efficient washers and dryers use less water and electricity. Moreover, it has features that help you detect leaks or problems with the equipment.

Other eco-friendly initiatives are using natural detergents and educating staff and customers about greener laundry practices. Several clients look forward for laundromats that prioritizes sustainability.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, the pandemic has proven how laundromat services are resilient and adaptable. After all, whether things are “normal” or we are in the middle of a pandemic, people need to clean their clothes. Practically, commercial laundry services are pandemic- and recession-proof. Thus, continue to provide them access to affordable yet high-quality laundry service during this pandemic.

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