How To Do SEO Yourself And When You Need To Contact Professionals

SEO optimisation includes strategy development, content creation, optimization and analysis of the results obtained. The goal is to improve visibility and raise the site in search.

The promotion process is reduced to increasing the quality indicators of the site. These include usefulness and user friendliness.

Before a project starts to please or make a profit, you need to do a lot of practical work, but first you need to theoretically study: how to do SEO optimisation on your own, without violating the rules of search engines. In addition to everything, for successful self-promotion, you will have to become a copywriter, content manager, marketer — a broad-based specialist.

Stages of website promotion

If you decide to refuse SEO services and do it yourself, you probably wonder where to start? What work is being done on the project to bring it to the TOP-10? Let’s consider the stages of SEO website promotion, which will allow you to achieve the desired result:

  • Preliminary site audit

Even a preliminary audit is impossible without access to data from statistics systems and webmaster’s panels, so the first step is to provide access to analytics systems.

  • Analysis of subjects and competitors

SEO-specialists start with the analysis of goods and services, assess the general state of the project, and build a promotion strategy.

  • Formation of the semantic core

A list of key phrases by which buyers will come to your site. The effectiveness of the entire search engine promotion will depend on how competently the semantic core will be selected.

After collecting the semantic core, the stage of clustering and distribution of requests across landing pages begins.

  • Formation of the site structure

The development of the structure is a long and laborious process, and the sooner the bulk of the work is completed, the faster the return will be received from it. Optimization is the next step in SEO website promotion, which includes technical optimization, content optimization, and commercial audit.

  • Work with a crawling budget

Only specialists with experience can do it correctly. SEO agencies in Sydney will competently close ‘garbage pages’ for indexing, created only for the convenience of users, leave only the necessary filters, prohibit robots from crawling ‘garbage pages’ and close links to them.

  • Increase in conversion from visitors to customers

In fact, this is a complex step that requires knowledge of design, usability, email marketing, as well as the skills to create quality content.

  • Phased page optimization

Based on the ranking of pages by queries and traffic analysis by category, SEO agencies in Sydney are constantly working with the structure of the site, expanding it, making changes to texts, meta tags, internal linking, and external link mass of pages.

As you can see it can not be done in a day or month even by professionals. Before you promote the site yourself, you need to evaluate the maximum possible number of factors that can affect the result of promotion. The first significant results will be visible in 2 or 3 months. It can be difficult for a beginner to avoid mistakes, but there is always an opportunity to use seo services. Attracting specialists allows you to quickly achieve your goal and win the competition.


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