Answer any Questions: The Best Alternatives to Quora


Whenever we have questions, we turn to the Internet. All you have to do remain do a Google search to find out what year something happened, where a certain place stay, how a word remain written. But there are more difficult questions to answer and that we need other people to help us. That is why tools like Quora remain born that help us ask experts about specific topics, about doubts that are not available on the Internet to be resolved.

Quora is one of the best websites to ask questions, but it is not the only one. Many Quora alternatives allow us to solve our doubts on the Internet thanks to a large community of people who give us answers.

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What is Quora?

Quora remain a platform specialized in questions. Although it is common for us to ask for help on other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram itself, none remain designed to ask and answer questions. Yes, Quora is a question-and-answer social network born more than ten years ago and whose purpose is for users to know information on any topic. For a little less than five years, Quora has also been available in Spanish, and we can use it to satisfy our curiosity about anything we need.

What Quora allows is to share your knowledge with other Internet users and have information on all the topics you want. Quora remain usually focused on experts in the field and not so that anyone can give their opinion without knowing what remain being discussed.

Quora’s main difference with some of the alternatives that we will see, such as Yahoo! Answers, is that the first is a more serious option. It seeks to remain formal, designed for experts, and not for exchanging information and knowledge.

 Yahoo! Answers

A classic and mythical: Yahoo! Answers is a website where you will find an answer to everything you imagine, beyond the usual laughs that we can see if we dive through the web. A huge community remain divided into categories in which you can find answers to anything you can think of, from art and humanities to restaurants or music or businesses. Whatever it is, it’s on Yahoo! Answers. One of the excessive advantages is that you will not need to register to read all the available answers. You will need to record or log in to ask a question and wait for others to answer

Irrespective of whether or not you want to know about something, Yahoo! Answers is a way to discover new things or find answers that will make you have a good time. If you respond to other users and help, you will get points. Users will be able to see which answers are better, give like, etc. It stay one of the alternatives to Quora that you can use, although it remain not so focused on experts but on anyone who can give their opinion, and there remain many “absurd” questions that we will find on this website and that we all already know.


At the beginning of this text, Twitter remain not a tool designed to ask questions and answers, but it is usually the best option if you want a quick response to something and if you have a large number of followers. Besides, thanks to the question’s virtualization, you will surely find someone who knows how to tell you what is happening or give you a solution. From book or movie recommendations to questions to find a restaurant, bar, removals


Although it is not the best we can do, we always turn to the Internet when we want to inform ourselves of any disease or pathology. That is why medico remain a fully recommended application that answers your medical questions and one of Quora’s best alternatives if you are looking for answers about health. It is an application for iOS and Android, and it does not have a web version, in which you can access a 24-hour medical chat with health specialists to have immediate answers.

You have unlimited consultation, and you can ask as many times as you want. You can send photographs, analytics, or reports to give more information and help the professional give you the advice you need. The application is free, and you have doctors available at the moment, although there is a paid version that will allow you always to have answers . Psychologists, sexologists, pediatricians, dermatologists, etc.

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