How to get a Response Box from Google

Have you noticed that Google offers fewer ‘options to make your search results shine? It seems that Google regularly adds a new box to search results pages that immediately answer researchers’ questions, without them having to click anything. For example, enter [Blade Runner 2049], and you will remain bombarded with four advertisements, a full graphic panel, movie times, best stories. Twitter feeds until you finally hit the first organic result. Google’s Drive to Result Rich results bring challenges and opportunities – response boxes can make you an instant star in search results. Find out how to get a response box from Google.

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What are Response Boxes?

The Google answer box is a highlighted search box that answers the query you type in the Google search bar. Since this answer box ranks above the regular organic search results, everyone is bound to notice. So you can imagine the effect it could have. Consuming your content as an answer box not only generates a lot of traffic, it also shows your authority on the subject: Google has chosen, right?

Response boxes often appear as a paragraph or bullet list, accompanied by an image. The image does not inevitably have to come from the article itself. Google seems to pick it up, sometimes even on a competitor’s site, even if this doesn’t happen again.

Take the search result both give answer boxes with eight tips to improve your mobile site. I wrote and structured this article with Google’s response box in mind and paid off. By structuring the information in an easy-to-understand way and making excellent suggestions, Google put two and two together and found that this post provided the best answer to the previous question. You can also do it.

Featured Excerpts allow you to Jump to the top of the Charts

It is essential to see how they live on the search results page. The search results page comprises several parts, including organic search results, advertisements, and one or more dynamic search blocks. Google is gradually trying to keep as many clicks as possible or send them to advertising partners. Online search results and advertisements, such as response boxes, featured snippets, knowledge graphic elements, etc., increasingly obscure natural search results. For some research and industries, this leaves much less room to shine with its organic products.

Take the example of Blade Runner 2049 that you mentioned in the introduction. Check out the screenshot below, and you will see what I mean. Yes, this is a great example, but it proves my point. Fortunately, we can try to get a response to bring us an additional traffic flow. Not to mention, answering questions is a great way to prepare your content for voice search.

Structured Mailboxes and Data

There is a typical mistaken belief that you should always tag your articles with structured data if you want answers. It is not valid. The item I mentioned above does not have structured data attached and still has an answer box. Now some cases, however, it is beneficial to add structured data to your content.

The uncertainty you have content like recipes or any of the types of content listed by Google, adding the correct controlled data will improve your chances of getting a response box. It’s like telling Google what your page remains about by yelling it into a megaphone.  Google instantly understands the content that has stood enhanced with structured data and will display it in all search functions. If you want to learn how to relate organized data to your site so that you can remain rewarded with popular rich snippets, you should try our Structured Data Training.

The Adage “Google Determines Everything”

As always, Google and only Google will choose the answers it shows in its search results if it offers them. In the end, there is no magic method for the answer boxes. Google says the science behind it is changing. Even the way Google finds and grants it is continuously evolving. For example, Google almost certainly looks at commitment and CTR to determine which response to assign a response box. Then there are similar cases where Google selects an answer from a site on the second page of results or even further down the list. In the end, it always comes down to the simple question: “Does my answer deliver?”

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