Why Are Digital Certificates Essential For Managing Mobile Devices?

Mobile devices have changed how businesses operate today. Thanks to mobile devices, employees and businesses can connect together to conduct business operations from any corner of the world.

With this level of business connectivity, businesses can now be more flexible with their approach. However, at the same time, the same flexibility and connectivity create serious security for businesses.

If we see the importance of digital certificates from the employer’s standpoint, it would feel the same in theory how the IT department managed the trust with the corporate machines.

There are several types of digital certificates that businesses should have to run their digital business smoothly. Out of the three of the digital certificates stand the most. Read more about the three types of digital certificates here.

Importance Of Digital Certificates While Managing Mobile Devices

Most organizations do not give their employees the free rein to download any software application to their mobile devices. In fact, they do not even allow the employees to bring their laptops from home and access the credentials through their laptops.

Well, this is done to ensure that all business data remains safe and secure. However, with the digital certificate, mobile devices and laptops can be verified. The following points will further elaborate the explanation as to why digital certificates are important for mobile devices.

1. Secure Email Access: With the implication of digital certificates, employers can securely authenticate the employee with their email. This will reduce the vulnerability to intruders.

2. Secure WiFi: Do you want just any mobile devices to get connected with the corporate wifi? By installing a digital certificate, you can restrict unauthorized mobile devices from connecting with reorganization WiFi.

3. Email Authentication & Verification: Email is the primary mode of communication between the organization and the clients. Hence, the security of the email must be maintained. Implementing digital certificates will ensure that the emails are encrypted with digital signatures.

How Implementing Digital Certificates For Managing Mobile Devices Can Help Businesses?

Digital certificates offer an additional layer of security apart from cyber security strategies. Furthermore, it enhances user experiences that directly affect your business growth.

Expanding digital certificates to mobile devices can create an easy and cost-effective device identity management solution that users will embrace with open hands.

1. BYOD Friendly

Digital certificates work like charms on BYOD for both employees and employers. With the integration of the digital certificate, an organization can maintain its privacy without losing control over the corporate network. The organization can simply revoke the certificate if the device is lost or stolen.

2. Increased Security

Only just recently, having encryption on the data was enough to offer security. But with technological innovation, hackers have become more advanced, and now even encrypted data is not safe. Implementing the digital certificate will enhance the security layers via the authentication method. In addition, certificates are not vulnerable to attacks as they are not shared with colleagues.

3. Avoid Costly Invasive Solution

Implementing digital certificates in your business for managing mobile devices can help businesses avoid invasive investments for security solutions. In addition, the set and installation of the digital certificates don’t need the support of any cybersecurity analyst; it can be done with the help of any person knowing how to install software applications.

Once the digital certificate setup is completed, it can be managed effectively, limiting the work of the IT staff to only issuing, renewing, and revoking from a single portal.

Why Choose Digital Certificates For Mobile?

As the most secure solution, organizations must stop and think before jumping in and implementing invasive and exclusive solutions. Employees want to access their work email on the go. If you make a simple task like accessing work milk on their phones, they will surely find a workaround that will directly affect their productivity.


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