Why Study Marketing: 7 Strong Reasons

Most people think that their profession has nothing to do with study marketing. Shop-assistants sell products (do not create them), educators teach, and doctors treat. What can be common between their jobs and marketing? The target consumer. Joan Young, an pro essay writer at AdvancedWriters.com academic writing service, says, “Every life sphere has creators and people who buy their goods.” Let’s see what she means.

Shop-assistants will get fired if their boss is not able to predict what products customers want to find in the store. Doctors will lose patients if they do not upgrade their knowledge about advanced medicine and approaches which their clients need (patients will just visit another specialist). Students will choose another school if educators cannot predict their needs and include them in their curriculum.

Consequently, our world is connected with marketing. It is impossible to avoid it. Even now, when reading this article, you use its service, because the expert has investigated a topic that interests readers and written an article on it. So, what is marketing, and why should you study it?

Marketing: ABC Definition to Understand the Basis

If not using complex terms, professional essay writers will define this discipline as “the development of a talent to sell something”. Will you buy a mobile phone without a camera, Internet, and even colors? No. Why? The reason is simple – it is more comfortable to have a multifunctional smartphone than to carry a phone, a camera, a walkman, a notebook, and a number of other tools everywhere.

How did it happen that people got used to their smartphones so quickly? Marketing! The inventors created a new product, and marketing gods did their best to improve their functionality. They investigated the digital market, FAQ of users, and testimonials of customers trying to increase the value of the product. “It would be great to take photos with a phone”, one customer said. “Voila”, said a marketing professional and suggested considering this idea to a manufacturer. As a result, the first Japanese cell phone with a camera entered the market almost 22 years ago.

Seven Reasons to Study Marketing

Now it is time to discuss seven reasons for you to study marketing.

Reason#1. The World Demands It

Almost all products can be found on the Internet. Alpha generation feels better when ‘chatting’ with computers than with peers. Consequently, they will search for a job, buy goods, look for health advisors or beauty experts through WWW. So, if students study marketing even as a secondary discipline, they will have more chances to find a well-paid job.

For example, many students participate in writing contests trying not only to win cash rewards but also to sharpen their writing skills and become a member of an essay writing service. Students often order an essay expert who can help with an academic assignment quickly. So, this profession can hardly expire soon. When one knows and can predict the needs of the consumers in the near future, it will be easier not to get lost when selecting a profession after college graduation.

Reason#2. Convince Me to Buy an Elephant

When a broker wants to work in the stock market, the boss or HR manager will take something and ask the person to sell it to someone in the office or him/her. Highly qualified marketing specialists can do that easily because they know how to convince. Eventually, they know what people think about and what words to use to stream the customer’s thoughts in the required direction to make them buy what their boss wants.

Reason#3. Why Should We Hire You?

It is not a secret that most resumes are created by paper writers who successfully manipulate words. Together with marketing awareness, a person’s self-promotion will be on a high level. There will be no need to search for a free essay writer who will create a portfolio and a resume anymore. A person will not feel confused and lost at interviews because a top-rated marketing specialist knows what the employer desires to hear or read in a CV. A gifted advertiser always puts correct words in the ears of target listeners.

Reason#4.  I’m Better Than You Are

Know your enemy. This saying fits the contemporary market. Microsoft, Tesla, iPhone – these are not simple words but brands. Their creators are perfect analytics and marketing professionals who are always one step ahead of their rivals. They improve their products regularly so as not to let competitors take the leading position. They predict the wishes of their target customers and always win.

Reason#5. Real Value in Front of You

Why is it hard to facilitate students and make them study some subjects? The reason is clear – they do not understand the value and the necessity to do that. Things differ when one starts studying marketing or IT disciplines. Students see where and how they can use their knowledge. In other words, they see a chance to convert their knowledge and skills to real profit.

Reason#6. No Time for Losers

When a person is a pro in marketing, he or she will never stay behind others. So many companies and organizations need an expert who will be ready to guide them. Marketing is closely connected with linguistics and psychology. Consequently, a person masters several disciplines simultaneously. Marketing specialists understand human wishes concerning services and products. They are gregarious and picky about words and their stress. Aren’t these skills useful today? They are. Everywhere.

Reason#7. Personal Business

If you do not want to be employed but to earn a lot, it will be possible to start a personal business. Marketing experts are adventurous. Having zero capital, they can find someone who has money but lacks knowledge on how to multiply it. Together, they can launch a business that will be successful thanks to the marketing talent of a person who knows who to hire and what to sell.

Marketing is worth studying because it is an integral part of the past, today, and future.