Interstate Movers- How to Grow Your Business

Starting a moving company means you are committing yourself for the lifetime as it is a business that is always in demand. A moving company has no lean season as people move every day and they hire professionals for any kind of move, be it interstate or cross-country. If you too are planning on starting a moving company, Congratulations!! You have come up with a perfect business aim. You will have to observe and research the market well before starting one of the best interstate moving companies. Here are some points that you need to work upon:

  • Plan your business and costs involved well. Start-up costs for a moving business are much low than others. All you should have in the beginning is a truck and a few more basic items like moving dollies, furniture belts, moving blankets, reusable moving boxes, ropes, and other packing-related material.
  • Once you are out in the market, your expenses will increase as they will include payroll, payroll taxes, truck maintenance, fuel costs, and insurance of vehicles.
  • Learn about your target areas. Though a number of people move once in a while, there are some repeated customers too. You can tie up with companies that are willing to outsource their employee relocation process.
  • Each additional service other than moving goods is chargeable. As many services, you will provide as much money you will make. So, to earn good revenue, make sure you train your staff for packing and other moving-related tasks well. These additional services may include packing, unpacking, storage, and extra charges for no-lift apartments, etc.
  • Last but not least, register your company with the state or local authorities.

Now, when you are already in the market and working, you might want to grow your business. Though the moving industry is an ever-growing industry, it has become hard to get more business due to the increasing number of moving companies.

Here are a few tips to grow and expand your moving business in a rapidly growing yet competitive moving industry:

Work on Getting Leads

Generating leads in the modern competitive market is a hard job. Along with all your social media ads, postcards, and Google ads, it is a good idea to get in touch with some realtors to get some good leads for your business. Consider visiting real estate events and run some road campaigns to generate leads. You can even contact packing material suppliers to place your ads at their place.

Make sure you are keeping a record of your lead resources and the money spent on those resources for further use. Consider having CRM (Customer Relation Management) software to keep a record of everything related to leads and prospective clients. Understand the right resources of your leads and their conversion rates and invest in your resources according to that.

Increase Your Lead Conversion Rate

Every lead is a prospective customer and that is why it is possible to convert each lead into a customer. Send all your leads a welcome mail and then a follow-up mail to tell them about your services. Make sure you follow up with your potential customers regularly and you can set up automated notifications for your team to contact the leads or can even set up automated follow-up emails to stay in constant touch with your potential customer. This way they will remember your name whenever they need a relocation service.

Never Send Quote on Phone

Make sure you do not quote any price over the phone. Meet your customer with a sales script and evaluate all their goods before quoting them any moving price. Moving lead conversion can be challenging and you will need a good sales team to convert leads into customers.

Tie-Ups with Big Corporates

Try to contact and connect with some big corporates as they have a list of employees that move due to work. Many companies prefer outsourcing employee relocation processes and having a tie-up with such corporates can get you regular business and help you in expanding your business to other states.

Sell More Service to Your Clients

Make sure that a client pays a deposit to book your service as booking your service for free will not only lead to financial loss but will also send a negative message. To come into the list of reputed companies, it is a must to set your standards accordingly. Once a customer agrees to buy your services, sell them more. Selling a service is a tactic and make sure you teach all your employees how to sell more to a customer. You can also use software to send a list of additional services to your customers who have bought your basic service plan

Customer Retention

Customer retention is the basis of the growth of every business and there is no other way to retain a customer than to provide them the best services. Make sure you keep your promise of providing the best industry services at any cost.


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