How the pandemic is fueling Indian EDTech platforms?

EDTech – If you have not heard about the recent success of IT solutions and edtech in India, let me fill you in. Recently there is a major pandemic in India and in other nations as well. That made life very hard for many young students who were seeking an edge by going to school. But, they had other options. Some of them chose to stay at home and some of them enrolled in an online school in India or elsewhere in the world.

One big difference is that the students did not have to worry about how to get to class or how to pay for their boarding and lodging. No one offered to help. The same thing happened with students in many parts of the world. They were so used to living in those little boxes that they took no effort to try to adapt to the Western way of life.

In India, this is not the case. The students from underdeveloped countries come here to improve their education. They come from remote areas where access to technology is minimal. Those students who cannot afford school materials can get these at a very low cost. They do not have to worry about transportation or the costs of meals. All they have to do is log on to the Internet and they can start learning right away.

This is one reason why India has been able to achieve literacy rates that are even higher than those in the West. There is less crime and there is less violence. Everything is in balance. When students feel safe to study and there is less violence or poverty in the country, then they tend to think more positively.

IT Solutions

This is one of the reasons that IT solutions in India are doing well. They attract students from places where there is little development. These students understand that education is a basic right of every citizen. They fight for it every day. The government is also supporting this by making sure that the resources are available so that students can have access to top-class education.

The students and teachers work together to make sure that everyone is getting what they want. This is the best way of ensuring that you have access to all the tools that you need. This means that there are fewer excuses for not studying. Students can study any time, anywhere. Also, almost every course is available online from school-level subjects to professionals courses for instance ITIL certification. You just need to search according to your interest for instance search ITIL 4 Foundation training online and you will be provided with a plethora of EDTech platforms providing this training. There is no reason why they should be forced to be in their classes when there is no requirement to be there.

Cost of hardware

The pandemic is helping the EDTech companies by bringing down the cost of hardware as much as possible. This allows the companies to offer lower prices to customers. The lower the price, the more profit they earn. This has been a great help for struggling companies. They can now cut down on costs and still provide high-quality services to customers.

The healthcare workers and students who suffered from the virus should be fully equipped with all the necessary materials. This includes the necessary vaccinations. These people are a big help for helping to clear up the problem. How the pandemic is helping the education industry is because it helps to ensure that students continue to receive top-notch education materials. If students cannot attend class, then they cannot learn. That is just wrong.

This is how the pandemic is helping the education industry because it provides materials that allow the students to not be affected by the disease. This is because most of the school outbreaks have occurred indoors. With the use of mobile devices, this becomes a problem. With a lack of a power source, these devices cannot be used inside. So without the use of electronic boards, papers and pens students cannot study. But this can be fixed.

Education materials and technology

The pandemic is helping the education industry is because of the increase in the demand for educational materials and technology. People all over the world want to get a higher education so this increase in demand helps the companies that provide these materials to meet the demands of students. These companies can meet the demand with lower overhead costs.

As a whole, the students are now more willing to use the materials. The companies need to use these materials to help teach the students about the basics. But before they do, they will need to make them appealing to the students. By appealing to them, the companies can gain the upper hand


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